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If you are logged in, you can view handbook pages in a printer-friendly version, which shows only the main text of each page. This version can either be printed or saved to your local machine for offline viewing.

  1. From the handbooks tab, go to the top level page of one of the handbooks.
  2. Click the "Printer-friendly version" link at the bottom of the page. This link is at the bottom of the main content area of book pages, above any comments that may have been added. You must be logged in to see the link.
    • Alternatively, if you know the node number of the book page (i.e., "node/14279"), you can substitute "book/export/html/14279" to get the printer-friendly version.
  3. The current page and its sub-pages will be output in a clean format with no headers, footers, or side blocks.
    • Note that comments to book pages are not included in the printer-friendly version.
  4. Save the content for offline use, either by printing, by saving as a PDF, or saving as HTML.

Downloading all handbooks at once is currently not supported. Also, note that if you request a printer-friendly version of one of the pages higher up in the book hierarchy, it may take some time to generate.

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