Last updated 7 June 2014. Created on 25 September 2010.
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You will need Panels, Chaos Tools, Content Profile, Views and Quicktabs modules (I was using the latest versions when this how-to was created).

I created a panel page to take over the display of a user's profile page to include the content they posted. Two of the content types - photo gallery and video gallery - I wanted to display as tabs using the QuickTabs module.

I created a view called MediaGalleryQT which I used to build the blocks to display as Quicktabs.

I started with a default view. In Basic Settings I am using Mini pager, 1 item (you can set this up how you like depending on your content type) and skipped everything until I got to Relationships.

Add a relationship to Groups: Node and check Node:Content Profile. I kept the Label the same, skipped Require this relationship and selected the Content type: Profile. Update.

Then add an Argument, User: UserID. Select Content Profile from the Relationship dropdown. Action to take if argument is not present: Provide default argument and select Default argument type: User ID from URL. Update.

Add to Filters - Node: Published - Yes and Save the default view.

Now add a new block display to this view. I called mine Photo QT block. The only thing you will need to add to the default display for this block of user photos is Node: Type to Filters. Select your photo content type and override the default view.

You will also add a block display for user videos using the same steps as the photo block except you will filter by your video content type, again override default view. I named it Video QT block.

Now you have your blocks ready to use in Quicktabs. Create a new Quicktab called MediaQT. Select Default style, Ajax: No: Load all tabs on page view.

Type in a title (I used My Photos) select Block and browse to MediaGalleryQT: Photo QT Block. Add another tab and call that My Videos and select MediaGalleryQT: Video QT Block. I hid the title of the blocks since I don't want these to show up on the profile page.

Now go to your Profile panel page's Content section and Add content, select Miscellaneous and add the MediaQT block.

Update and save and you should have each users photos and videos displayed on their profile page in a Quicktab block.

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