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There are a variety of third party sites that offer Drupal-related information and functionality. For more general reading, you may also want to read the aggregated postings from hundreds of Drupal-related sites via Drupal Planet.

Drupal Sites: a directory listing of Drupal-powered sites with tags and ratings

Drupal Modules: a site featuring reviews and ratings of Drupal contributed modules

The Theme Garden: a site allowing you to demo many of the themes listed for download in the contributed themes section.

Podcasts and video
Lullabot Podcast: a weekly audio podcast, 30 to 90 minutes long, about a variety of different Drupal topics, from geeky to super geeky

Drupal community home to user groups, module- and topic- specific working groups, as well as Drupal job postings

API documentation
Drupal Contrib includes a lot of API documentation for the hooks provided by contrib modules

Note: these are a few selected resources that are maintained by the community. This is not meant to be a link farm or other resource to raise the page rank of the linked to sites, but rather a pointer to a handful of sites that have already proven themselves generally useful. Typically, personal or company blogs / sites are not included unless they have extensive "how to" or supplementary information. If you believe your site fits this criteria, feel free to submit an issue to the webmasters queue requesting you be added with details about your site. A site maintainer will review it and approve it if appropriate.

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