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You can

  • Administer forums at administer >> forums.
  • (/admin/content/forum/settings)

  • Set workflow and other global forum settings on the forum configuration page: administer >> settings >> content types >> forum .
  • control who can create, edit, and administer forum posts with administer >> access control, or use a contributed module such as forum access or taxonomy access control.
  • Move forum topics to a different forum board using the edit tab; a copy can be left in the existing forum by selecting leave a shadow copy.
  • Enable the required comment and taxonomy modules at administer >> modules.
  • Read about the comment module at administer >> help >> comment.
  • Read about the taxonomy module at administer >> help >> taxonomy.
  • The forum module, like Drupal itself, can be extended with different modules depending on the needs of your site. What features you choose to implement are in your control. Some suggested modules are advanced forum, quote, subscription, bbcode, and comment mover modules. Add private message with privatemsg module and extend user profile information with the profile module.

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