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MD5: 447490f3bc155fd1d5c2d47280c999a5
SHA-1: a67acdb606aabbd9da6ddd2c016d43bb9ec17431
SHA-256: d43da1858bfb8211a26ad7f749cce8cc3ae701fd28b13502cf5daef51d31f021
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MD5: 1d7361d7c2171a29721835d1b402b97f
SHA-1: 1ab1cf905a55bd0825bdecd442d9177bd2d413c5
SHA-256: e8dad2fc82ca4bb29e3dddbf7c40719719b9caa3b066e794b4cc1a2963f035fa

Release info

Created by: Gábor Hojtsy
Created on: 25 May 2011 at 20:54 UTC
Last updated: 2 Dec 2013 at 22:12 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

The twentysecond maintenance release of the Drupal 6 series. Only bugfixes have been committed. No security fixes are included in this release. New features are only being added to the forthcoming Drupal 8.0 release.

This release includes the security fixes from Drupal 6.21 which was released alongside Drupal 6.22. No additional security fixes are included.

The complete list of changes committed since Drupal 6.20 are as follows:

  • #113611 by crischan, jjrey, JuliaKM, salvis, Offlein: Forum post counts incorrect when using node access control modules
  • #321063 by eMPee584, Kars-T, pillarsdotnet: Path book/export/html/N with a non-book nid should abort and return 404 not found.
  • #235673 by yched, Damien Tournoud, swentel, pwolanin, redndahead, sun, carlos8f, c960657: Changes to block caching mode not caught
  • #384794 by trond, mvc, alduya, intuited, jaydublu, jhedstrom: trim() .po file comments on import, so that custom textgroup imports will find their right database equivalent
  • #163445 by webengr, mlsamuelson, greg.1.anderson, pescetti: fix issues with IE not being able to download private files served over SSL with additional headers
  • #118108 by Chris Johnson, cburschka, bleen18: remove node_access table entries when a node is deleted to avoid leftover cruft
  • #632080 by donquixote, mathieu, jonhattan, andypost: clone return values from _system_theme_data(), so modules careless about lack of object copies will not overwrite the system level cached values
  • #107051 by webchick, gdevlugt, vladimir.dolgopolov, swentel, Dave Reid, tuffnatty, zyware, crifi, tobiasb: Fix for users showing multiple times in the who's online block
  • #292790 by ag888, kjay, mr.baileys, recidive, malc0mn, jonathan1055, null: fix menu machine name validation form API constuct, so we don't need to validate it with custom code
  • #307636 follwup by quicksketch: fix to make image_get_info() on IIS work better had a variable name typo before; now fix that
  • #1093352 by ohnobinki: fix invalid HTML entity in
  • #905576 by droplet, idflood, tim.plunkett: /contact should not be blocked from search engines
  • #335621 by Dave Reid, jrguitar21, jhodgdon: fix PHP strict warning by initializing object in template_preprocess_block_admin_display_form()
  • #977174 by AlexisWilke: Fix minor HTML validity issue in update.php when generating list of results
  • #690358 by sbrattla, jhodgdon, nenne: overhaul file_check_directory() documentation due to various issues
  • #1013986 by disturbedmime, jhodgdon: fix unfinished sentence in file_validate_extensions()
  • #480152 by jhodgdon: filter_filter() docs were incorrect and outdated
  • #470198 by figaro, ashmiler: fix small typo in menu item description for admin/build/menu
  • #519362 by mfb, bfoehle: Resolve dc:creator tag as the item author if author tag is not set in aggregator module.
  • #1105384 by claar: fix system_admin_menu_block_page() first doc line
  • #1087092 by danillonunes, drewish: fix a tiny misues of @result in drupal_map_assoc() documentation
  • #1089332 by jeffschuler: fix misuse of @see in db_add_field() documentation
  • #1103938 by kiamlaluno, jhodgdon, jeffschuler: fix misues of @name in various include files and document constants better


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