Complete documentation for Views 3.x (Drupal 7) is provided as part of the Views module. Install the Advanced Help module to access the documentation.

This guide is based on the Advanced Help content, and is published on for better searching.

What is Views?

The views module allows administrators and site designers to create, manage, and display lists of content. Each list managed by the views

Understanding Views versus custom code

This page discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using the Views module versus custom coding your queries and presentation.

Configuring a view

Once you've created a view, you can customize it further - you can control the view's

Query Settings

Some Views may contain duplicate results. There is an option that can help remove duplicates. Open up the "Advanced" section of the view's


The Format setting controls the overall format for the list of information in your view.

Grid (output format)

The grid style displays each row of your view within a grid. You can customize the number of columns; the default is 4 columns.

HTML list (output format)

The HTML list format displays each row of the view as part of an HTML list. For example:

Theming a view

These pages will explain how to theme Views 3.

Theming a single field in a Views 3 template

Follow these steps to change the design of a single field in a view, using template suggestions.

Theming ajaxified view/view block

Views module provides powerful end flexible tools to create custom template files for each element, but as it is using jQuery in few places,

Views video tutorials

Below are several video tutorials on getting started with the Views module:

Views issue queue

Members of the Views Bug Squad are Drupal contributors who have committed to spending a few hours a week triaging the Views issue queue. The

Bug Squad: How to work the issue queue

Bug Squad: Additional tasks

The primary purpose of the Bug Squad is to verify and assign issues, but there are many additional tasks that can be very helpful.

Bug Squad: Roster


Views issue queue guidelines


Views HowTos

HowTos for Views 3 in Drupal 7.