Deploy for Drupal 8


  • Put the module into your modules directory as usual
  • Enable it with Drush or from UI



Deploy module doesn't provide any settings or configuration pages, but to make it work, the user should make sure that target workspaces and/or remotes are configured correctly (workspaces configuration pages are provided by Workspace module).

Drupal to CouchDB deployment

Content to be added.

Drupal to Drupal deployment between two (or more) sites

The main use case that people think of when using the Deploy module is Drupal to Drupal deployment, when you have one Drupal site and you're deploying content to another Drupal site.


To deploy content between two different sites the RELAXed Web Services module should be enabled and configured.

Deploy - Content Staging

This guide provides documentation for Deploy module (8.x-1.x branch) and examples about how to use it in different use cases.

Deploy has been re-designed for Drupal 8 and it's based on the Multiversion and Replication modules. This creates a very flexible and efficient content staging framework for Drupal 8!


The suite of modules for your Drupal site video solution

Video module allows you to embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine etc (Drupal 8 only) and upload videos and play using HTML5 video player.

Snippet manager

Documentation for Drupal 8 Snippet manager module.

Snippet manager module allows you to build layouts of any complexity.

The basic idea of the module is that you can edit markup directly through a code editor without requiring a complicated drag and drop interface. This approach gives you more accurate control on the generated markup.


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