Personalization of typography settigs.

Import external fonts using @import on this file


This file contains Bootstrap variables most suitable for personalization.

The variables are not to markup your site, but to generate a custom Bootstra, mainly from the color pallete.

Defining primary and accent colors will generate the whole color schema using Google Material Design color management concept.

For typography use typography.scss and for markup style.scss


The import.scss file contains the first level of import files:


NOTE: For the Drupal 7 version, please see the README.txt file on the 7.x branch.


The HelloSign module is a Drupal integration for the HelloSign electronic
signature API. It's a simple module that allows you to enter and store
your API key and token, encrypted using the Encryption module, and then
call the service to return a HelloSign client, upon which you can invoke
any of the supported methods provided by the SDK.

Internal Page Cache module

Caches pages for anonymous users. Use when an external page cache is not available.

Caches pages for anonymous users. Use when an external page cache is not available.



The Field UI module provides an administrative user interface (UI) for managing and displaying fields. Fields can be attached to most content entity sub-types. Different field types, widgets, and formatters are provided by the modules enabled on your site, and managed by the Field module. For background information and terminology related to fields and entities, see the Field module documentation.


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