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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We're ThinkShout, Inc., a Portland-grown, Certified B Corp dedicated to building websites for the nonprofits that inspire us. ThinkShout was founded in January 2011, and now we are a full-time team of 20 seasoned technologists, designers, and strategists.

As a nationally-recognized leader in nonprofit technology, we collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to help them further their missions by crafting compelling online experiences supported by open source technologies. We are unique in our approach in that every client engagement leads to open source software contributions. In over 100 client engagements over our first 5 years in business, ThinkShout has contributed over 10,000 hours to open source projects. Now, over 56,000 websites are powered by ThinkShout’s community contributions.

Our team is routinely asked to present on open source technology, content strategy, user experience, nonprofit fundraising, and constituent engagement strategies at conferences across the country. As organizers, presenters, and participants, we are actively involved in events such as NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference, BADCamp, and DrupalCon, among others.

In 2015, we became a Certified B Corp. Since our founding, we’ve shared the principles and the commitment to people and place embodied by the B Corp model. We made the choice to become a B Corp because we wanted a framework and community that would inspire us to consistently find ways to foster and improve our business practice in service to these values.

Drupal contributions

  • Starting and organizing Drupal Day at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC)
  • Leading the BADCamp Nonprofit Summit
  • Contributing numerous patches to modules ranging from Views to OpenLayers.
  • Active participants in the Portland Drupal Users Group (PDUG)
  • DrupalCon attendance and participation, including leading BOFs

Projects supported

Bene, Polite Alert, Discussions, MailChimp E-Commerce, Migrate Google Sheets, RedHen Commerce Addressbook, Mandrill Groups, SlideRoom, Views Current Path (Global: Current Path), Registration Dev, TabsUI, RedHen MailChimp, RedHen Raiser, RedHen Campaign, Instagram Realtime, RedHen Donation, Apache Solr Geo, Entity reference plus data, RedHen Migrate, RedHen Feeds, Commerce Check, MapBox.js, Commerce IATS, RedHen Membership, Poultry, MailChimp STS, Mandrill, Registration Commerce, Add to Cal, RedHen CRM Demo, Bean: Relevant Content, Entity Registration, Leaflet, RedHen CRM, OpenLayers KML Layer, QR Codes, VoteSmart Webform, Mapstraction, MailChimp, Salesforce Suite

Credited on 9 issues fixed in the past 3 months