This distribution is for building peer-to-peer fundraising websites, such as those around marathons and walks, where a fundraising campaign is made up of myriad individual and team pages which are customized by the individual participants for fundraising amongst their respective communities, but connected to the larger campaign.

As the name suggests, Raiser is built on top of RedHen CRM, including the RedHen Donation and RedHen Campaign modules. Raiser is now available on Pantheon for free, give it a try!


  • Easily create Campaigns that site visitors can join right away by creating their own Team or Individual fundraisers.
  • Fundraisers look great with minimal customization by inheriting display values from the larger Campaign.
  • Goal progress widgets including thermometers, leaderboards, etc.
  • Mini-blogs for Campaigns and Fundraisers via Update content type.
  • Users can create and maintain different pages for different fundraisers with a single account.
  • Automated start and end dates.
  • Commerce-ready, just add your payment method and go!
  • Single-page donation forms via RedHen Donation.
  • Built using established modules with simple UI (Views, RedHen, Context, etc) for easy customization.

Getting Started

To get started with RedHen Raiser, simply download the distribution and run the Drupal installer. After that is done, you can create a page to act as your homepage and add a valid payment method through Commerce to allow donations to be taken. You may wish to customize the site name, logos, etc. This should be done by overriding the built-in Raiser theme with your own, but you can hack the theme directly if you don't mind recreating the changes when you need to upgrade RedHen Raiser.

Customization Tips

Create a "page" type node and set its path to "home" to put an intro section on the home page and get rid of the "Page not found" message.

To edit the social media links on the bottom right, go to:
Content --> Blocks --> Social Media Links

Add any content to the top level of the Main Menu to have it appear in the bar at the bottom of the footer.

To enable donation payment, go to:
Store --> Configuration --> Payment Methods
Add and enable your payment method (or enable commerce_payment_example to test), then go to:
Structure --> RedHen CRM --> Donation Types
Edit the existing Donation Type, and select your new Payment Method, then save.

# Customization
If you'd like to develop on top of RedHen Raiser while retaining the ability to apply Raiser updates, we have built out a skeleton installation to start from. This installation is called "Charlotte" and can be found at:

The build script in Charlotte will download Raiser, and also create a repo for you to work from in sites/all. You will want to create a fork of Charlotte and push to your own repo.

Of specific note: creating a module called "redhen_raiser_custom_install" will allow you to run installation functions and enable default modules when the redhen_raiser installation profile runs.


RedHen Raiser was created by ThinkShout with the Capital Area Food Bank of DC ( for their peer-to-peer fundraising platform at

Supporting organizations: 
Conception, development, and maintainership.

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