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Views settings

This module delivers support for the Mapstraction javascript library, which provides an abstraction layer for the various map providers including Google, Yahoo!, and MapQuest. It allows you to quickly display maps on your site from multiple providers and switch between providers without worrying about differences in their APIs.

The module provides a Views style plugin and an API for developers to use maps elsewhere. When the Views style is used, it will display nodes as points on a map. The latitude/longitude points, info balloon contents, map icon, and one or more attributes can be provided by any view fields, including those from CCK. Other settings can be seen on the attached screen shot.

Supported mapping providers include:

  • Google Maps
  • Map24
  • MultiMap
  • OpenSpace
  • ViaMichelin
  • Yahoo Maps
  • MapQuest
  • Microsoft Virtual Earth
  • OpenLayers
  • FreeEarth
  • CloudMade (via OpenLayers)

Roadmap and Versions

The 1.x branch is stable but no longer maintained. All active development is taking place on the 2.x branch, which uses the new version of the Mapstraction library, in addition to many other improvements. The following features are on the development roadmap:

  • Exportable map presets, similar to how OpenLayers manages map settings.
  • CCK widget for entering and viewing geo data
  • Specific support for Geo and Location modules


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