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"Registration Commerce" (not to be confused with Commerce Registration) is an integration point between the entity-based Registration Module and Commerce, enabling paid registrations. Registration Commerce lets you generate a Commerce Line Item from a Registration, then update the Registration's State when the Line Item is paid.

The intended application is in paid event registrations where you want to create the Registration before you create a commerce transaction.


The quick setup how-to goes like this:

1. Edit a Registration Type: you'll see a "Registration Commerce Settings" tab. This will let you enable Commerce for this registration type, and select which states will allow for transactions to be triggered. If you select the default state for a registration, registering users will be automatically sent to their cart when they save their registration, so they can pay for it.

2. Set the price & currency for this registration type (this price will be multiplied by the number of slots used in the registration). If you want to use more complex logic to set the price, implement hook_registration_commerce_calculate_price and return an array with "amount" and "currency_code" values. In the latest Dev release, you can add a Commerce Price field to the Event Bundle, and select that field here to pull the price in from this field: this allows you to use a single Registration Type to create events with different prices.

3. Configure or add a rule that triggers on "Completing the Checkout Process" and takes the action "Set state for all registrations in an order".

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Commerce Registration - Creates a registration when an order is placed, which is an alternative workflow.


This is a project of ThinkShout, and we're actively working on it. As always, feedback and contributions are welcome.

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