Entity Registration is a simple, flexible module for allowing and tracking user registrations for events, or just about anything you want people to sign up for. Entity Registration can be integrated with Drupal Commerce to allow fee-based registrations: sell tickets to your stuff! This module is also handy if you want to collect information along with registrations: like shoe-size for a bowling event.

Entity Registration does lots of things you are expecting from a registration system (like allowing you to restrict the number of total registrations for a given event), and other stuff you are crossing your fingers and hoping for (like building in automated reminder messages for your registrants).

A quick outline of how it works:

  • You create a registration type, and add Drupal fields (like shoe size or meal preference) to it for information you want to gather from registrants
  • On some entity that you want to allow registrations for (maybe an "event" content type), add a custom field of type "Registration"
  • Create an instance of that entity, and select one of the registration types you created in the Registration field.
  • Start taking registrations when viewing your entity!

There are additional settings, but that is the basic outline: just create a registration type or two, give your entity a registration field, and point it at one of your registration types. For more detailed instructions, check out the README.


Registration settings are spread over two places: the Registration Type that you create (say, "Dining Event"), and the settings on the individual entity, ("2013 April Fool's Brunch"). The Registration Type holds stuff like custom fields (a dietary restrictions drop-down might be useful on "Dining Event") while the individual instance gives you fields like capacity, registration open & close dates, reminder email content, and other naturally event-specific stuff. This lets you use the Dining Event registration type, with it's carefully constructed drop-down of potential dietary restrictions, on multiple events that take place on different dates and have different capacities.

Features include:

  • Allow or disallow multiple registrations per user
  • Track registrations associated with an entity instance
  • Create custom fields for your registrants to complete
  • Create a message to be automatically sent to your registrants on a particular date
  • Set registration open and close dates
  • Integration with Views and Rules via Entity API
  • Integration with Views filters and Views Bulk Operations

Entity Registration is developed and maintained by ThinkShout with amazing support from the community.

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