The Mandrill module, as the name implies, provides integration with Mandrill transactional email, a service of MailChimp. For sites that send a significant amount of email, using a transactional email service is a great way to get modern analytics and reporting, spam compliance features, scale email to bulk levels, and have your email delivered more reliably.

With the Mandrill module, you can also do cool stuff like create rich email templates in Mandrill and assign them to different email-generating modules in Drupal, so your different types of emails can all be branded differently.

Mandrill plays nice with other mail-system utilizing modules, particularly mailsystem, which is required for Mandrill configuration. Of course, the Mandrill module also plays well with the MailChimp module, which provides specific mass-email functionality like lists and campaigns.

Features Include:

  • Ability to route site emails through Mandrill, with granular configuration for different mail-generating modules.
  • A reporting dashboard.
  • Asynchronous sending options.
  • Integration with Mandrill's template system, with capacity for simultaneous use of different templates.
  • Email activity tracking for any Drupal entity with a valid email address.

Developed by the friendly geeks from ThinkShout, sponsored by Freddy and the rest of the amazing team from MailChimp. Read more about the 1.3 release on the ThinkShout blog.

Requirements for 7.x releases:

Requirements for 8.x releases:

Installation for 7.x releases:

The Mandrill PHP library should exist in a directory named "mandrill" under "libraries". The directory structure should look like this:

    - libraries/
      - mandrill/
        - docs/
        - src/
          - Mandrill.php
          - Mandrill/
        - LICENSE
        - composer.json

If your Drupal installation uses a .make file, see the example in mandrill.make.example.

Installation for 8.x releases:

Either Use Composer Manager to download the Mandrill library to the correct location. See Composer Manager's instructions here.

Or Download the Mandrill module with the Mandrill library included from GitHub.

Please Read:

If you are using the mandrill_templates sub-module to send html emails, you may see your emails displaying poorly on web-based email clients like gmail. It's important to enable Mandrill's CSS-inlining functionality to mitigate this issue.

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