This module provides a Bean plugin for creating/managing block listings of relevant content.

Don't you mean related content?

Well, sometimes...But this Bean does much more than that. With Relevant Content Beans, you can:

  • Create a list of content filtered by:
    • Specified content type(s)
    • Content of the same type as the node (full-page view) upon which the Bean is currently displayed (Think, Views argument handling style)
    • Specified taxonomy terms
    • Content that shares the same terms as the node (full-page view) upon which the Bean is currently displayed (filtering even further by specific vocabularies)
  • You can also manage the following display settings for the returned content:
    • Set the number of posts to display
    • Choose between three display modes: node title as link, teaser, full-page display
  • And finally, you can manage the sort order of the returned posts as follows:
    • Sort ascending/descending
    • Respect the "sticky" option in sorting
    • Sort on creation date, or update date, or any date field on any content type

Additional settings and features to come...Such as choosing between "And" or "Or" conditions when setting per-vocabulary taxonomy filters.

Oh, and the best part...Since Bean plugins are all classes, you can further extend the settings and display of Relevant Content Beans easily in your own custom code.

To learn more about this module, check out our blog post announcing the module's release.

Brought to you by the friendly geeks at ThinkShout.

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