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Discussions provides a simple way to spark user engagement on your site by allowing users to have topical discussions within groups. If this sounds familiar, it should. The concept is as nearly as old as the Internet itself, and has had many labels, most notably Forums, a name which the venerable Drupal module shares.

Discussions is both similar and a bit different. It leverages Groups, which can be public or private. Within each group, a user can post discussions. Each discussion consists of threaded comments. Users can join one or more groups. Discussions take it one major step forward by providing email integration and feature parity between a user's inbox and the website. Discussions uses Drupal 8's plugin architecture so that any transactional email provider that supports inbound routes can be used. It ships with an integration for Mandrill.

Discussions builds upon years of work by Organic Groups, Groups, and Mandrill Groups to name just a few.

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Led the development.

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