Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation is a community-maintained module that is primarily sponsored by Lingotek and built on Drupal's standard multilingual modules (locale, content translation, entity translation, internationalization, etc). The module helps Drupal administrators, agencies, and web marketers to:

  1. Get a Drupal site multilingual-ready within minutes (instead of days)
  2. Translate Drupal content using machine translation and/or human translators with access to your site
  3. Optionally purchase professional translation via a language service provider (LSP) of your choice
  4. Automate the ongoing synchronization of multilingual content via customizable translation workflows
  5. Ability to do in-context review of content

The module supports translation of:

  • Entity types - nodes, comments, messages, fieldable panels panes, taxonomy terms with custom fields, and even field collections (including nested ones)
  • Taxonomy terms - your choice of an Entity Translation approach for terms with custom fields or the i18n string approach for translation of name and description fields only
  • Configuration items - field labels, blocks, taxonomy vocabularies and terms, menus, views, etc.
  • Properties - titles, path aliases, and metatags
  • Built-in interface strings

In addition, translations for nodes can be stored using either the field translation (recommended) or node translation methods.

Our TMS Is Your TMS
Lingotek Translation is the only Drupal module to integrate a Translation Management System directly into Drupal, thus allowing the Drupal community to use professional-grade translation technologies (e.g. machine translation, translation memory, CAT tool) without ever having to leave the comfort of the Drupal environment; and all for free (as in beer).

So How Does Lingotek Make Money?
For most of those using the module we don't. That's part of our contribution to the community. In fact, we lose money in many cases because we're the only module that offers the community free machine translation (we eat the cost for Microsoft Translator). However, a few of the larger Drupal sites that use the module have enterprise business requirements which require direct access to Lingotek's cloud-based TMS. In those cases, we sell them licenses for unrestricted use of our TMS software. Lingotek also offers professional translation services. While the module can be used to contract with any language service provider (LSP) you choose, several have retained Lingotek's services.

Customizable Translation Workflows
Drupal administrators use Translation Profiles to categorize content by its relative value. You associate each content type with a Translation Profile, and the module carries out the appropriate workflow:

  • Professional - The module enables you to use your own translation agency or tap into Lingotek's marketplace of more than 300,000 in-country translators. Don't have time to manage your own translation project? Let Lingotek take care of it for you. The module fully automates file transfer between Drupal and Lingotek. You'll have full visibility into the translation process every step of the way. And once the translations are completed, they'll automatically download and publish to your website according to the preferences you've set.
  • Community - If you're looking to save money by avoiding professional translation, you can take the do-it-yourself approach and have your bilingual employees, partners and/or users perform translations right within Drupal. The module integrates with and provides free use of the Lingotek Workbench, a professional-grade text editor used for translating, reviewing, and post-editing multilingual content.
  • Automatic - Machine translation is an excellent option if you're on a tight budget, looking for near-instant results, and are okay with less-than-perfect quality. The module allows you to quickly and automatically translate your site by providing free use of the commercial API for Microsoft Translator (the cost is covered by Lingotek). Machine translations can be post-edited at any time using the Lingotek Workbench.

Our Commitment to Drupal
We love Drupal. In fact, our company website runs on Drupal. You can find us on IRC channel #drupal-i18n or at one of several Drupal events. We participate in code sprints and regularly host BOFs, all with the aim to help improve Drupal. We also have many clients who maintain multilingual Drupal sites using the Lingotek Translation module, so we are actively gathering new feature requirements and adding this requested functionality to the module. So tell us what you want because we’re listening.


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Required Modules

Drupal Core Modules:
Block, Content Translation, Field UI, Locale, Menu, Taxonomy

Contrib Modules:
Chaos Tools, Internationalization Suite, Internationalization Views, Localization update, Title, Translation template extractor, Variable, Views


Supported Modules:
Entity Translation, Field Collection, Fieldable Panels Panes (beta), Message, Metatag, Panels, Pathauto, Rules, Workbench Moderation

Distribution Partners:
Commerce Kickstart, Demo Framework, Drupal Commons, OpenPublic


The quickest way to download and enable the module is by using the following drush commands:
drush dl lingotek
drush en lingotek

Installation documentation can be found at:


Questions regarding this module? Contact us at:

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Installation documentation can be found at:

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