Bricks — is a revolutionary new way of creating rich content in Drupal. Thanks to the powerful contributions like ECK and Entity Reference, Bricks itself is just ~13 KB of code (gzipped).

In terms of concept Bricks is a new generation of Paragraphs, drop-in replacement for Panelizer and a good friend to Display Suite and CKEditor or any other WYSIWYG. Shortly, it allows you to nest field items using Drupal drag & drop UI (exactly like for menu or taxonomy items).

Live demo

  1. Open pre-configured sandbox.
  2. Click Launch sandbox and wait.
  3. Follow the installation (all settings should be pre-filled, don’t change them).
  4. Go to Extend and install Bricks Bootstrap.
  5. Go to Appearance, install Tweme and set as default theme.
  6. Find a sample 3-columns node and go to Edit mode to check magic out!
  7. Finally go to Content and create your own first Bricky page!
  8. Like it? => Support by ★ starring on GitHub or sharing on Twitter.


All new Bricks for D8 has no requirements and works with ANY entity types!

Just make sure nested entities have a proper templates, like templates/brick--columns.html.twig.


Drupal Bricks ECK IEF Bricks Bootstrap Tweme
8.x 1.x 1.x 1.x 4.x 4.x
8.2.6 1.2 1.0-alpha3 1.0-beta1 4.0 4.0


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