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MD5: d6c9af053bb448d13db9ed4bda7373bf
SHA-1: 3f3f1f6d6cd924bf47687e1ccf4bd4f3f18beec6
SHA-256: 0b6f667d4d947e4ea63b84897a9f40bb92447182ec2bed7993ffc3fd64c4d584
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MD5: 89ce834bd09dc00645ac1f880ab38e0d
SHA-1: 08a34d2865c7ff3d3e0e3163ffc85df63972c591
SHA-256: 3a18a9456cd70fc1816cbe06d2c98bbe2d4e49cb07c13922898832d79fb14dce
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/webform:^4.0'
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Release info

Created by: DanChadwick
Created on: 19 Aug 2014 at 00:25 UTC
Last updated: 4 Mar 2015 at 19:46 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

This minor update fixes a few bugs discovered in the RC1-RC5 versions and makes some performance improvements to the conditionals interface.

Upgrading is recommended for all Webform 4.x users.

As with previous releases, if you're upgrading from Webform 3.x, please make a database backup prior to upgrading and check that all modules that extend Webform on your site are Webform 4.x compatible. Slight differences in the class names and IDs may result in updates being needed to your site's CSS. See the API changes between 3.x and 4.x documentation for more information.

Changes since 7.x-4.0-rc1:

  • #2246597 by quicksketch: Extra slash being added to Custom URL redirect.
  • #2211009: Make progress bar support RTL languages.
  • #2236247: File component upload description should be skipped if === FALSE.
  • #2201493: Loosening regular expression to allow leading zeros in numbers.
  • #2245807: Skip validation on conditionals when adding/removing rules.
  • #2088249: Speed up conditional interface by more efficient responses.
  • #2088249: Speed up conditionals admin interfaces by binding events to the parent element instead of individual selects.
  • #2244975 by quicksketch: Compatibility with jQuery 1.9+ (use of $.fn.attr).
  • #2241497: PDO Exception on MSSQL in update 7416.
  • #2200985 by areineke: New MIMEMail SMTP settings not recognized by Webform.
  • #2242011 by quicksketch: Add new component field disappears when you add one component.

Changes since 7.x-4.0-rc2:

  • #2246863: Conditionals not entirely deleting when removed.

Changes since 7.x-4.0-rc3:

  • #1534788 by DanChadwick: Fixed grid component default value with certain defaults.
  • #2284595 by DanChadwick: Fixed auto-save validation errors when editing existing submission.
  • #2291843 by Liam Morland: Fixed next_serial has no default.
  • #1534788 by DanChadwick: Added default value to grid component.
  • #1534788 by DanChadwick: Added default value to grid component.
  • #2291885 by Liam Morland: Fixed hitespace consistency.
  • #2284595 by Dan Chadwick: Fixes saving validation errors as draft when forms are cached.
  • #2259375 by hj_chen: Fixed HTML Mail SMTP settings not recognized.
  • #2284595 by DanChadwick: Added auto-saving forms with submission errors when auto_save is enabled.
  • #2286429 by DanChadwick: Fixed mis-defaulting of empty select component with key of 0.
  • #2284599: Changed Submit button to Save for finished submission & button code cleanup.
  • #2279723 by DanChadwick: Fixed removing form IDs when #state is used.
  • #1812692 by labboy0276, DanChadwick: Fixed incomplete error checking in views submission handler.
  • #1958014 by Liam Morland, Dan Chadwick: Fixed some error messages shown as status.
  • #2260569 by DanChadwick, rpsu, matglas86: Fixed doubled language prefix in redirect url.
  • #2038933: Fixed E-mail settings menu commands Edit, Clone & Delete are wrong menu type.
  • #2277593 by DanChadwick: Fixed inability to edit submission when webform is closed.
  • #2273487 by DanChadwick: Can't redirect to <front>.
  • #2272809 by DanChadwick: Fixed uid 1 can't submit with access control enabled.
  • #2195305 by sah62: Notice: Undefined index: #title in webform_expand_select_ids.
  • #2199925: Message not displayed when Redirection location is 'none'.

Changes since 7.x-4.0-rc4:

  • Themers should take note of this release note regarding theme_webform_element().
  • #2290029 by DanChadwick: Disabled HTML5 number elements, using text instead.
  • #2305357 by DanChadwick: Fixed new component label limited to 255 characters.
  • #2312717 by DanChadwick: Fixed redirect to view after editing submission.
  • #2311897 by Liam Morland, DanChadwick: Fixed string handling in numeric comparisons.
  • #2025555 by Mark Carver: theme_webform_element needs a preprocess function.
  • #2307631: Fixed _not_ conditionals not reusing code.
  • #2304585 by Liam Morland: Fixed preview incrementing serial number.
  • #2307619 by DanChadwick: Fixed regression of conditional/select_or_other during preview
  • #2307619 by Liam Morland, DanChadwick: Fixed PHP warning with conditional using Select (or Other)
  • #2304047 by Liam Morland: Fixes duplicated submission serial nr (db_transaction).
  • #2308589 by Liam Morland: Fixed extra trailing whitespace in source.
  • #2303407 by DanChadwick: Fixed redirect to front goes to //.
  • #2302029 by DanChadwick: Add nid and uid context for hook_webform_draft_alter.
  • #2297767 by DanChadwick: Added a preview class to form when previewing.
  • #2296489 by DanChadwick: Added the deferring of pre/post validation handler setup to #process.
  • #2284595 by Dan Chadwick: Fixed rebuilding new auto-saved draft with validation errors.

Changes since 7.x-4.0-rc5:

  • #2220665 by DanChadwick: Fix intra-page date and time conditionals.
  • #2016795 by DanChadwick: Proper redirect after deleting submission (or not).
  • #1737236 by dwieeb: Fixed docblock for hook_node_delete().
  • #2317273: Fixed preventing editing of a recently-closed stale form, except by admin.
  • #2316409 by DanChadwick: Added support form submission tokens with multiple modifier variations.
  • #2316497 by skylord: Add text wrapping to Excel export.
  • #1601968 by DanChadwick: Fixes number step modulo rounding errors.
  • #2317273 by DanChadwick: Fixed allowing submission of closed draft webform; fixed PHP notice.
  • #2320805 by Liam Morland: Fixed unsupported operand in webform_client_form_submit.
  • #2275943 by ladybug_3777: Fixed granting access to confirmation page even when submission auto-deleted.
  • #2321659 by DanChadwick: Fixed PHP notices with numeric and datetime conditionals referring to an
    empty component.
  • #2317273 by DanChadwick: Fixed insufficient privilege to submit a draft.
  • #2315339 by Liam Morland: Fixed only adding serial number index if it doesn't exit.
  • Issues #2315541 by DanChadwick: Fixed conditionality is broken by pagebreaks.
  • #2315339 by DanChadwick: Fixed PDOException "no active transaction" on update 7416.
  • #2315091 by pjcdawkins: Fixed number components should be type=text.
  • #1781490 by DanChadwick: Fixed hidden conditional pages causing unexpected submit.
  • #2307615: Added odt, ods, and odp to pre-listed allowed file types.
  • #2313521 by Liam Morland: Fixed webform submits with failed validation.


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