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MD5: fdeda692c9de38a9804862df16b4b969
SHA-1: 5ee0e1eef5ca38f7c333285f4fd95a42123b2648
SHA-256: efd1db4bb4019979bfd767de191fc99cd151675b67e149e3e564cc51e1ccb2b8
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MD5: 4e1a0e4a881f90070d3b5ef42b2012a8
SHA-1: 229ed8fd07f96ceb3b64d97ba41163757b437217
SHA-256: a33a0f152cef0956231437c5e454659082d758c0e088f961900506efa007d731

Release info

Created by: merlinofchaos
Created on: 8 Aug 2012 at 21:53 UTC
Last updated: 8 Aug 2012 at 22:59 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: Security update, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since 6.x-1.8:

  • Fix CSS sanitizer to more properly test for necessary semi-colons. See SA-CONTRIB-2012-125 - Chaos tool suite (ctools) - Access Bypass and Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • #1369852: node_view task needs to do a drupal_set_title or the node title will get lost.
  • #943896 by ayalon: Fix CCK and tokens.
  • #1401518 bu gumanist: Fix array walking so it does not choke on array extenders.
  • #1132616 by drewish: Fix enable/disable links in export UI.
  • #1300666 by zabelc and DamienMcKenna: Fix notice in term breadcrumb.
  • #1149778 by jonathan1055: Properly allow node pane titles to link to the node.
  • #1154402 by aaronbauman: Prevent view context crash when fields are removed from a view but pane is not updated.
  • #1347578 by Dave Reid: Allow modal to have other close buttons inside the modal.
  • #1319872: Respect callback arguments when creating token in ctools_set_callback_token().
  • #1294180 by aaronbauman: Incorrectly displaying link to login to create comments when comments are disabled.
  • #1282140 by jenlampton: Add an access plugin to test front page status.
  • #1105420 by davereid: Remove extraneous messages div in modals.
  • #1217596: Page Manager uses wrong method to fetch title when listing handlers for export.
  • #1234010 by das-peter: Fix typo in ctools_var_export.
  • Fix logic error sometimes hiding edit local tasks
  • #970536 by drewish: better nojs replacement.
  • #1265588: Coding standard update
  • #1230684: Remove unneeded plugin load.
  • #1128592: Fix typo in recent commit.
  • #1212842: Prevent notice when schema is out of sync with real data.
  • #1124032 by mikeytown2: Fix E_STRICT warnings.
  • #978676 by mikeytown2: Fix notice caused by empty content.
  • Follow up commit to fix bad recursion protection code in node_add form as well.
  • #1193886: node edit form often only has "Form goes here" due to bad recursion prevention code.
  • #1205424 by dereine: Remove unneeded code.
  • #1203582 by B-Prod: Fix missing quotes that can cause javascript exception.
  • #1043606 by Les Lim: Allow stored custom content links to have an admin link to configure them.
  • #1127678 by dereine: Allow extending math expression functions available with an alter hook.
  • #1176308 by Amitaibu: Fixes for bad stuff in user profile content type.
  • #1146604: Introduce object factories to exportable objects.
  • #1094014 by joachim: "configurable export type variable.
  • #1149084 by DamienMcKenna: logo content type notice with missing $block
  • #1139718 by vgoodvin: Fix missing prefix on exported objects in ctools_var_export.
  • #1145028: notice in "views empty" content type if view is not empty.
  • #1115472: Notice when view pane wants args from panel and panel does not have enough args.
  • #1061700 by Stalski: Bad variable using field export callbacks.
  • Fix #1087162 Backport plugin static caches from d7
  • Add #1016346 Generalize ctools_passthrough
  • #1080528 by jessebeach: Add dependent-options class that views dependent.js had.
  • #1030068 by stella: Fix parsing of tokens with : in them.
  • #905546: Do not let modal steal key clicks from other modals.
  • #931648 by naxoc: Fix notices in content when missing normal data.
  • #941584 by Draknek: fix inarray implementation to work right with empty arrays.
  • Fix placeholder for node context. Need to doublecheck that this still works for the required context.
  • Removing translation directories
  • Stripping CVS keywords
  • Allow subrecord load via callback, backported from D7.
  • #998870 by Amitaibu: Fix notice when content has no icon by using function already designed for that.
  • #911362 by alex_b: Facilitate plugin cache resets for tests.
  • #967590: HTTP Response is not part of panels, erroneously refers to being so.
  • #959206: If a context is not set when rendering content, attempt to guess the context (fixes Views panes where "From context" was added but pane was never edited.)


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