If you use a selection rule to override the front page using the standard Drupal string of "<front>", the selection rule is borked when it's displayed, e.g.:
This panel will be selected if Node being viewed is type "Category", and Current path is "&amp;lt;front&amp;gt;".


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Instead of using a path how about using some PHP

$homepage = FALSE;
if (drupal_is_front_page()) {
  $homepage = TRUE;
return $homepage;

this should work i think...

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@travisc: the selection rule does work correctly, the bug is in relation to how the summary information is displayed.

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Project:Panels» Chaos tool suite (ctools)
Version:7.x-3.x-dev» 7.x-1.x-dev

This would be a CTools issue.

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Title:Selection rule borks display of "<front>"» Selection rule for "Is Front Page"
Component:User interface» Page Manager
Category:bug» feature
Priority:Minor» Normal

I think it's a very common use case that people want to select on "is this the front page" or not. How about we provide a selection rule so we don't have to use PHP code?

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Status:Active» Needs review
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added new rule.

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Issue tags:+needs backport to D6

tagging for backport.

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Status:Needs review» Fixed

I feel silly for never having thought about this rule!

Committed to D6 and D7 after fixing the form for D6.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.