I've long had a problem with module and I'm surprised if I'm the first to do anything about it. I like what you've done with the including the parents on the form but it needs to be taken just a bit further.
There needs to be another option which says 'auto select ancestors'.
I have written the code for this, it's very simple indeed.
- in the installation, change the weight of the module to the weight of the taxonomy module -1
db_query("UPDATE {system} SET weight = (SELECT weight FROM system WHERE name = 'taxonomy') -1");
- in nodeapi insert and update call a new function, passing the node.
- here is the new function:

function taxonomy_select_ancestors(&$taxonomy) {
  $parents = array();
  foreach ($taxonomy as $vid => $tids) {
    foreach ($tids as $tid) {
      $parents += taxonomy_get_parents_all($tid);
  foreach ($parents as $term) {
    $taxonomy[$term->vid][$term->tid] = $term->tid;

I'll put this in the module if you want to give me git permission. Otherwise can you let me know if you will put it in, or not.

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new644 bytes

Ok Here it is as a standalone module, tested. There's an error in the install line above.
It's arguably too tiny to release as its own module...

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This could be done at the client side with a few lines of jQuery so that we can document it if someone want to use.

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if it's done on the client side, then it would depend on the parent being included in the form. My fix above is working well. Please let me know, should I make it a dependent module, or will you integrate it or something like it?

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The parent is always included in DOM structure, that's why I suggested the customization on the client side. I won't integrate this feature, as it does something this module is not supposed to do: automatically select a parent item.