I think what I'm trying to do is possible. At least from searching the site trying to find an answer on my own, the stuff I found pointed to it being possible. But I'm stuck and don't know what I have wrong and am really hoping it's not a stupid error that's gonna embarrass me. :)

I have a custom page that holds two mini panels. These two mini panels are the same actual mini panel but should change their content based on the taxonomy term assigned to them. The mini panel has a view on it that uses the term to list node titles of nodes in that term.

On the page, I have set required contexts of the two terms I am using:

In the settings of the mini panels (in the "content" area of the page) I set each one to the term I want that mini panel instance to use:

In the configuration of the actual mini panel (not the instance on the page), I tell it that it has a required taxonomy context:

In the view, whose content pane is on the mini panel, there is a term id with depth argument and the content pane is set up to take the term id from the context:

I have also tried changing the argument to just term id (no depth) and also changing it to term name and changing the content pane settings to match. None of these have worked. In all cases, the result is that the view shows all results as if the argument is not present. I tried changing it to show the empty text when the argument is not present and it switched to showing the empty text.

So it seems that the argument isn't getting from the context of the mini panel into the view's content pane. I don't know where to go from here to figure out why. Any ideas?



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Status: Active » Fixed

After discussing with merlinofchaos on IRC, it turns out what happened was that I had added the content pane from the view to the mini panel before I realized that it doesn't take an argument. I then found out I needed to use contexts, updated the view accordingly, and then never went back and edited the content pane instance on the mini panel. So it never linked up properly and was failing silently.

So if anyone else finds this, try editing and resaving your content pane instance to make sure it's linked up.


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Checked in a modification that should ease issues with #1. It won't be perfect but when it's wrong I think it'll be more obvious that something is wrong and push people to the right place to edit.

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Awesome, thanks, merlinofchaos! Guess the BB was productive. ;)


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Here is the actual patch; this is a patch to CTools, not Panels.

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Tested the patch, and it worked.


  • node/%node override panel page
  • I had a custom panel content type pane that was receiving a NULL $context
  • It was pointed out that the content type pane probably wasn't saved knowing about the context (the 'required context' => ... setting of the $plugin was added after the pane was added to the panel.)

After applying the page $context was successfully loaded as the %node.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.