Distributions are full copies of Drupal that include Drupal Core, along with additional software such as themes, modules, libraries, and installation profiles. There are two main types of Drupal distributions:

  • Full-featured distributions: complete solutions for specialized use cases.
  • Other distributions: quick-start tools, starting points for developers and site builders.

Introduction to distributions

What is a Drupal 7 distribution, how to find, install, and use them.

Additional distribution documentation

These are Drupal distributions (full-featured and others) with documentation that is kept on their own sites:

Maintaining sites built with distributions

Installing and upgrading Drupal 7 distributions.

Comparison of magazine and newspaper distributions

Drupal distributions for magazine and newspaper sites.

Comparison of nonprofit distributions

For additional useful materials on Drupal for Nonprofit Organizations, see Resource Guide: Drupal for Nonprofit Websites.

Comparison of social and community distributions

Drupal distributions for social and community sites.

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