Paid Events / Registrations

Last updated on
28 April 2017

COD & Drupal Commerce

COD includes the the Drupal Commerce suite of modules for enabling paid events, sponsors, etc on the site. While Commerce core is installed with COD by default, we do not include any payment gateways since there are so many. Before you can setup paid events, you first have to download and enable a payment gateway. This guide ( can help you learn about payment gateways such as and paypal. We have seen many others using and it's commerce module with COD as well.

Configuring Paid Events

If you plan sell tickets/registration then you need to enable the COD Paid Events feature. To do this:

  1. Use the admin bar and navigate to Structure -> Features
  2. Select the checkbox next to the COD Paid Events feature
  3. Click “Save Settings” at the bottom of the form

To sell tickets you will need to create products for those tickets. To do this we will use the admin bar and navigate to Store -> Products.

Here we are going to add a product for each ticket we want to support. When we “Add a Product” we will come to a page where we can select which product type we want to create. We will click “Create Paid Event”.

The Product SKU field is a machine name for the product you are creating. This can be whatever you want.

The Title field is the name of your product. This will usually match the name of your ticket and is what appears in the dropdown when selecting a product for a ticket.

The Price field is the price for this product / ticket.

When the information is filled in you can Save the product and exit or save and add another. When you are done adding products you will see a list of them under the products screen.
cod products list

The next step is to assign those products to the tickets they were created for. To do this we will go back and edit the event/conference node these tickets are for.

When we scroll down to the tickets section we will now see a new product select list for each ticket. Select the product for each ticket and click save.
cod product field

Now when you go back and view your event/conference node you will see the prices for each ticket.
cod paid event form

Configuring a Payment Processing Type

After you have configured your Paid Events feature, you will need to also configure a payment processing type, through which your users can submit their payments on your site. There are a number of payment processing types available, but here I will walk through enabling PayPal Express Checkout. Here is a link to a guide to configuring other payment processing types, which walks you through the process outlined below:

  1. After you have downloaded the Commerce PayPal module, enable the PayPal Express Checkout module in your Modules menu. The latter is a submodule of the former.
  2. In the admin menu, go to Store, then Configuration, then Payment Methods.
  3. Click the "enable" link to the right of PayPal Express Checkout.
  4. Click the "edit" link to configure it.
  5. On the next page, under the "Operations" section, click on "edit" link.
  6. The next page will let you enter your PayPal account information, where you will receive user payments. You can also edit other PayPal settings on this page.
  7. Go back to your event registration page and purchase a ticket. You should now be led to a checkout form page, and also a review order page, which automatically selects the PayPal Express Checkout as the default payment type.