Provide Event / Conference Tickets / Registrations

Last updated on
28 April 2017

If you plan to require registration for your event/conference (and/or the different opportunities during the event/conference) then you need to enable the COD Registration feature. You may have enabled this feature during installation, but you can check (and enable if needed) by following the steps below:

  1. Use the admin bar and navigate to Structure -> Features
  2. Select the checkbox next to the COD Registration feature
  3. Click “Save Settings” at the bottom of the form

Now that we're certain the feature is enabled we want to go back and edit the event/conference node. Navigate to your events dashboard with admin menu by clicking on Conference -> Events

Here we will see a list of all of our events/conferences:
cod events list

Here you'll to click Edit for the event you want to add tickets/registrations for. On this page you want to scroll down to the Tickets section. Here we can create multiple tickets/registration for the event/conference.

The Ticket type field is the human readable name for ticket. For a Drupal camp this might be “Camp Registration”. For a concert this might be “General Admission”.

There is a checkbox labelled “Copy user registration fields” that is a helper function that will copy required profile fields to the ticket entity so the user will need to fill those out during registration.

The Description field is the details for this ticket type.

The Availability date fields lets you set the date and time when this ticket type will be available to order. This is very useful for creating early bird tickets that start and end on a certain date. This will show/hide the registration options on the event page.

The Total quantity field lets you define a limit to the ticket registrations.

The Min per order field defines the minimum tickets a user must register.

The Max per order field lets you define the maximum amount of tickets a user may register.

The Default registration state lets you set the state of the of ticket when a user registers. For free events this would normally be set to “Complete”

The Enabled checkbox lets you enable or disable this ticket type completely.

The Add another item button lets you create multiple tickets for this event.

In the following example we have 5 tickets a user could register with:

  1. Early Bird Camp Registration - This is early bird registration. It is only available until August 1st after which the form will not appear.
  2. Camp Registration - This is normal camp registration which will only appear after August 1st when early bird registration is over.
  3. Individual Sponsorship Registration - This is an individual sponsorship registration for users that want to sponsor the camp
  4. Beginners Drupal Training - This is the beginners paid training. It has a limited number of tickets of 35 available.
  5. Drupal Commerce Training - This is the commerce paid training. It has a limited number of tickets of 35 available.

cod tickets
(click image to view larger)

After you hit save you will be redirected back to the events view that we came from. Click on the title of your event/conference and you will now see a registration form with all the different ticket options that you created above.
cod tickets registration form