Exporting Attendee data to send to a printer for badges

Last updated on
28 April 2017

Often conferences need to export data about their attendees so they can print badges for the attendees. A trend at modern conferences is to customize user badges with profile data such as whether or not the attendee is associated with a sponsor, what level of sponsor, whether they are a volunteer or a presenter.

COD supports this capability through a mix of rich profiles via the profile module and the use of Views to create lists of user content.

To create a view of user data to export for badges:

  1. Start by cloning the "Attendees" view. This has some good defaults for lists of users attending the event.
  2. Change the Style to Table
  3. Change the Items to Display to a very high number so all your users will be on one page
  4. Add in fields as you need - this may require adding relationships and modifying the filters
  5. Once you are satisfied with the fields, you can simply preview the View, highlight all the rows in the table, and copy/paste all the data to a spreadsheet program such as OpenOffice.org
  6. When you paste it should open a dialog to allow you to separate the data into columns. Be sure to select "detect numbers" if you have any numeric fields
  7. You may need to modify the data in the spreadsheet, most printing companies can help with this if necessary.
  8. Save the file, send to the printers

Creating QR codes for badges

Another popular trend is to embed some profile data into a QR code so users can quickly exchange their data using a mobile phone to read the QR code.

You can use the qr codes module along with the Views Custom Fields module to create the image.

Use a PHP custom field and then enter the theme function for qr_codes, which takes several arguments. The first argument is the data you want to encode into the field. One recommendation here is to be careful with private data. An easy solution to the privacy problem is to just embed the URL of the person's profile so they can update it with as much or as little information as they want. You should also be sure that the URL will work long into the future, so using the year on a subdomain of the main event site can be useful.

An example of printing out a QR code for the user profile is the following code:

print theme('qr_codes', url('user/'. $data->uid, array('absolute' => TRUE)), 350, 350, 10);