Event Registration custom fields

Last updated on
28 April 2017

In past versions of COD, the registration details were held on the user profile. This lead to issues around changing data between events, as some profile information wouldn't be the same, depending on when and where the event was taking place. This is especially problematic with multi-event setups.

The ticket module makes a ticket type entity. This entity contains the fields each ticket_registration uses to store data. These fields, while they can be shared with user fields, they are not the same.

Initial configuration

Setting up user profile fields

User profile fields should be configured the same way other entities are.

  1. Naviagte to Configuration > People > Account Settings > Manage Fields
  2. Create a new field or configure an existing one
  3. If you want the field to be available automatically for registration, check 'Display on user registration form.' in the field settings.
  4. If you want some default extra fields like Dietary needs or T-shirt size, you can enable the COD Profile (Optional fields) feature.

Configuring custom registration fields

  1. By default, no fields are automatically created for a registration. To add some default fields, you must select 'Copy user registration fields' when you create the ticket type.
  2. If you didn't create any fields automatically, you can do some here:

    Conference > Events > (Event ID) > Tickets > Manage Fields

  3. The fields page will allow you to select -any- fields on the user profile to be added to a ticket.

To have fields appear on a ticket registration, you must add a field to the ticket type associated with that ticket!