Comparison of social and community distributions

Last updated on
23 April 2017

Drupal distributions for social and community sites.

Distributions Drupal Commons Open Atrium
Project page Commons Open Atrium
Website Drupal Commons Open Atrium
Hosted version ? Discussed here
Documentation Documentation (it needs free account) Documentation, book
Blog Blog Blog
Videos, screencasts Google Vimeo, Google
Community site Commons Community Open Atrium Community
Drupal group Commons Open Atrium
Drupal 6 Yes Yes
Drupal 7 Release targeted for Summer 2012. In development In the issue queue and the GDO group. Yes
Integrated testing Capybara test suite runs nightly at Acquia based on Commons Drush make script. Yes, integrated simpletests run on each build.
Distribution size (D6 core: 3.31 MB) 47.3 MB 36.3 MB
Custom modules and features 18.4 + 1160 KB 0 + 746 KB
CCK Yes Yes
Context Yes Yes
Ctools Yes Yes
Features Yes Yes
Feeds - Yes
Flag Yes -
Organic Groups Yes Yes
Panels In Drupal 7 Yes, in Drupal 7.
Pathauto Yes Yes
Rules Yes -
Skinr Yes -
Spaces - Used in D6 but not D7.
Views Yes Yes
Frequent use case Community, Social business/extranet Intranet
Distributions Drupal Commons Open Atrium