Conference Organizing Distribution

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COD is the Conference Organizing Distribution of Drupal and is primarily used for building websites to manage and run conferences, unconferences/barcamps and events. It provides features to manage events, attendees, sessions, schedule items, ticket purchases and more.

Getting Started

What is COD?

Ways to get COD

There are three main ways to get the Conference Organizing Distribution:

Creating a Schedule

The cod_schedule view is restricted by default to keep the schedule private while organizers are still working on it. It doesn't display

Advanced Session & BoF Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling Features

COD Sponsors

COD supports the management of Sponsors on your event website using the following features and modules.

Creating and Managing Sessions

Creating and Managing Sessions

Event Registration custom fields

In past versions of COD, the registration details were held on the user profile. This lead to issues around changing data between events, as

Exporting Attendee data to send to a printer for badges

Often conferences need to export data about their attendees so they can print badges for the attendees. A trend at modern conferences is to

Optional Event Features

Optional Event Features are selected during installation. The descriptions below are intended to describe what each of the features

Paid Events / Registrations

COD & Drupal Commerce

Permissions in COD

Permissions in COD

Provide Event / Conference Tickets / Registrations

If you plan to require registration for your event/conference (and/or the different opportunities during the event/conference) then you need

Upgrading COD

Upgrading COD

Data Model for Rooms, Time Slots, and Sessions

Data Model for Rooms, Time Slots, and Sessions

Developing for COD Drupal 7

Using a dev snapshot or git branch for development is often the best way to contribute back to a distribution. For COD, we have built some

COD for Drupal 6

What is COD?

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