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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

About CivicActions

CivicActions empowers U.S. government agencies to deliver delightful digital experiences that are as innovative and rewarding as popular online and mobile consumer services.

To learn more about us, visit or call +1 (510) 408-7510.

Who We Are

Since its founding, CivicActions has incorporated an open, Agile approach to civic-based development, fostering a strong dedication to methods that are as streamlined, smart, and flexible as the platforms we build.

We are dedicated to supporting public sector institutions, empowering them to leverage web-based technologies to effectively deliver on mission-critical services. We conquer big projects one piece at a time, collaborating with our clients throughout the process to ensure that every issue is solved and every deliverable met.

The CivicActions team is comprised of respected leaders in the open source and free software communities, because we believe code is community and community is fundamental to sustainable civic technology development. We share our insights and build on the work of others, adhering to a “fiercely open” mentality that allows the most innovative ideas to shape our projects.

What We Do

CivicActions works closely with public sector institutions to help strategize and execute on large-scale software projects.

Our clients include the most admired public service agencies, social enterprises and the world’s largest non-profit organizations. We also work alongside governments to champion the modernization of software development through agile methodologies.

We foster an open, agile, distributed, balanced culture that allows us to best serve our partner clients. Our iterative approach ensures consistent delivery of successful projects, on-time and on-budget.


  • Content Management Systems development
  • Customer Relationship Management development
  • Systems Integration
  • Cybersecurity
  • DevOps
  • Agile software development training
  • Open Data platform development
  • Quality Assurance audits

How We Do It

True to the spirit of the U.S. Digital Services Playbook, from “build the service using agile and iterative practices” to “default to open,” CivicActions integrates open and Agile
practices into our operations from the beginning.

Our project managers and tech leads are Scrum Certified and follow the Agile process. We use video conferencing, weekly budget reports, client status meeting updates, online tools and risk assessment to ensure our projects stay on-track and on-budget.

We start and finish every project with the perspective that we are partners and here to serve and advance our client’s mission. We value relationships, and can help enrich and deepen the connections of your audience by supporting you to make the best technology choices.

Beyond digital services, we are proud of our focus as a distributed team, passion for solving problems, and dedication to balance in our personal and professional lives. Our goal is to continue as a leader in bringing the transformative benefits of open source and Agile practices to public sector institutions.

Featured Clients

  • U.S. Federal Communications Commission
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • Smithsonian Institute
  • Corporation for National & Community Service
  • City of San Francisco
  • City of Los Angeles
  • American Public Media
  • MIT Center for Civic Media
  • Free Software Foundation

Federal Contract Vehicles

CivicActions is now on the GSA Information Technology (IT) Services, Schedule 70. Whether you’re a potential government customer or a prospective supplier, you can find CivicActions’ capabilities under pre-negotiated terms and conditions.

Drupal contributions

CivicActions has been involved in local Drupal Community events literally since the beginning. We've planned, supported and sponsored Drupal Camps since the inception, and we've sponsored nearly every DrupalCon since 2006.

Projects supported

CivicActions Empowered, Composite Field, Config Processor, Block Type Library, aws_connector, Config Removal, Request Parameter Condition, Views Summary Rows, HTML Field Formatter, Config Dependencies, Block Type Templates, File Encrypt,, Vault, Content Translation Associate, Pubkey Encrypt, Site Deploy, Hook Update Deploy Tools, Migration Tools, Real AES, Lexicon Meta, File Token Link, Codit: Crons, Codit: Blocks, Codit Local, Codit, Views XML Backend, Field Encryption, Google Authenticator login, Views Crosstab, Config to Code, CivicActions, Secure Password Hashes, Multiselect, Coder, Password Policy, phpFreeChat integration, Selenium, Arooga

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