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This module REQUIRES implementers to use "drush make". If you only use "drush download" you will miss key dependencies for required modules and libraries.

The following will download the required libraries and patched modules:

drush dl dkan_dataset
cd dkan_dataset
drush make --no-core dkan_dataset.make

About this module

This module provides the ability to create and publish datasets in a DCAT compatible format:

The module creates two node types, Dataset and Resource. Datasets have all of the DCAT fields listed in the above document. Datasets are published in RDFa, RDF and JSON versions.

This is part of the DKAN distribution which makes it easy to create an Open Data Portal. See:

DKAN Dataset has an optional module dkan_dataset_groups which adds a group content type and settings to allow Datasets to have access control associated with Organic Groups module.

DKAN Dataset requires the following modules:

  • autocomplete_deluxe
  • beautytips
  • chosen
  • ctools
  • date
  • date_popup
  • double_field
  • entity
  • entityreference
  • eva
  • features
  • field_group
  • field_group_table
  • jquery_update
  • libraries
  • link
  • link_iframe_formatter
  • multistep
  • og
  • og_extras
  • rdfx
  • ref_field_sync
  • restws
  • select_or_other
  • strongarm
  • token
  • uuid
  • views
  • views_datasource
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