This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Adds options to encrypt field values.

The goal of this module is to create a method for encrypting field values when stored in the database.

This module depends on the Encrypt module ( for encrypting and decrypting strings.

Install this module like any other module. Field encryption settings are made on the field edit page.

Original code created by adaddinsane

Drupal 7

Once the field encryption settings have been set you can disable the editing of the encryption settings by setting the system variable "FIELD_ENCRYPT_CHANGEABLE" to FALSE.

Known Issues in Drupal 7

Since the field data is encrypted these field values will not work with Views Filters, regular, exposed or contextual.

Drupal 8

Our first version has been released. Feedback is welcomed!


Since this is module deals with encryption of data, presumably will be used to secure sensitive data, and is BETA use with extreme caution.

Supporting organizations: 
Drupal 8 porting support

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