This module is the container for customized code for a site. It must be used in conjunction with Codit.

Codit: Local should reside in the site specific module directory as a 'local' module for just that site. It should not reside in sites/all or be used as a git submodule.

This module provides the container for site specific elements like

  • Blocks (in conjunction with Codit: Blocks)
  • Cron jobs with Codit: Crons
  • Hooks that are site specific rather than module specific.
  • Custom php functions you want to create but don't know where to put them.
  • Custom Javascript for a site that is not theme dependent.
  • Site notes in a site readme.
  • hook_update_n definitions in .install to maintain management of module enables and Feature reversions.

Codit: Local is required by the Codit module.

Supporting organizations: 
Granted me time to contribute this module.

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