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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.

Open Aid Map

Sandbox distribution containing first version of a site template that can display IATI data.

After installing you can import some sample data doing:

chmod +x profiles/openaidmap/scripts/openaidmap_migrate_migrate.sh

My Question

Install profile that combines Questionnaire module and several visualisation modules to head start a website that collects statistical data.

To install do

drush make http://drupalcode.org/sandbox/batje/2012478.git/blob_plain/826f89a:/buil...

You need a working solr server on your localhost.

Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System : this is distribution to maintain Vehicle dealership, out lets,distributors,sales.
where customers can configure the vehicles as per their liking and place an order, this has order tracking.
Planned: actual status up date of the manufacturing process according to user set periodicity, or the stage completion which ever is earlier.
Ideas are welcome!!


Coming soon, a simple Bot.module distribution.



Open AIIR is a Drupal distribution that illustrates how Drupal can be used for creating simple native mobile apps that derive its data content from a backend Drupal site. It contains the necessary source code for generic mobile app (distributed as open source).

Project Overview

Once you install this installation profile locally, you get

1) A Drupal site: You get a Drupal site that is pre-configured to use feeds to refresh its own content periodically on an ongoing basis. You only need to configure cron job locally - so that cron runs periodically for this site. On every cron run, the feeds module refreshes the Drupal site content. Content (text, images and videos) is pulled from the publicly available RSS feeds on the Internet such as Dries' Blog. This Drupal site content is made available to the aiir mobile apps in JSON format using the views and views_datasources module.

Rocket Booster

Gábor Hojtsy developed the stellar Rocketship module for his D8MI initiative and helping to track it. A number of other initiatives and pseudo-initiatives have embraced this, others have not. This profile attempts to make gettings a Rocketship install up and running ridiculously simple. Just pick the master tag you wish to track in the install process and let the profile do the rest.


test sandbox


Just a test


From Wikipedia:

Il rio è un elemento essenziale della viabilità acquea della città di Venezia.
The rio is an essential element of the water traffic of the city of Venice.

An installation profile aiming to provide a general-purpose starting point including most of the basic features and configurations commonly needed by small/medium size corporate sites.

Main features provided:


Demo of the Flickr & AutoFloat modules

Evaluate Drupal projects online | simplytest.me
For a demo with admin access (UID=1) now go here. A Simplytest demo is now integrated in the Flickr module itself. THIS DISTRO HAS BEEN DEPRECATED.

This is a distribution to:

  • showcase the Flickr module
  • check the needed configuration settings
  • test patches for the Flickr or AutoFloat module.

It can be deployed directly. Go to simplytest.me and complete the installation process.





This page is currently a placeholder for a new Drupal distribution that is currently in development.

ELMS: Learning Analytics Repository

For best results, use with the entire ELMS Learning Network distribution from github!
ELMS: Learning Analytics Repository (LAR) is a distribution meant to act as the analytics backend for systems hooking into the ELMS Learning Network. This will use a methodology very similar to TinCan API in which activity is reported from locations separate from where it is actually captured, which is still different from the Learning management system. More details will emerge as this is in active development at this time.


Drupal Q&A

Stack overflow style distribution

Malotor Distribution

Malotor Distribution


The idea behind Sitebase
Everything deserves the best possible start. It is not only true for everything living, it is equally true for every idea we turn into a project. Including website projects.

That is the main reason for why Sitebase will be limited to a pure Drupal 7 Core install profile. It will thus not include any contributed modules or themes.

The idea is simply to find ways of give every site project, built with Drupal, the best and most flexible start possible.

Some of the goals are:

  • A better initial installation to build production sites with
  • Smart options to avoid the need of clicking around for basic configuration after install
  • Default to no content access for anonymous visitors
  • Easy to extend for own needs
  • Well documented and with great examples to make it easy for sitebuilders and novice coders to tweak
  • Features friendly

Basically, the idea is to make all common basic configuration needs available during the install process. This will empower users to then completely focus on building their site. Thus avoiding to have to click around checking things.

Sitebase will, just like Minimal, not include and content types or other content related configurations. It will however have all the content building modules enabled.

Why no contribs?

The simple reason is that including any contribs prevents the purpose of this install profile. It would make choices for you no matter how useful that contrib module or theme is.

Instead the idea is to make it really easy to extend it by using for example the Features module.

Panopoly + Radix

Sandbox for Panopoly and Radix. See #1987386: Include Radix theme in Panopoly.

To test:

drush make http://is.gd/panopoly panopoly;
cd panopoly;
drush site-install --db-url=mysql://root:root@localhost/panopoly panopoly;
drush vset theme_default radix;


This is a sandbox test version of OpenScholar for the needs of the Radiological Chemistry and Imaging Laboratory

Shared Content Demo

This distribution provides a quick demonstration of the Shared Content project, which allows content creators to automatically deploy content between multiple sites with the click of a checkbox.

It is intended as a starter distribution which can be used to kick off implementation of a site that uses this content deployment system.



Distribution of the DrupalTV platform.

The goal is the Drupal TV project is to create a single destination site (running on Drupal, of course) for all Drupal related video, from all the recorded Drupalcon sessions (which have all been recorded since Drupalcon Boston 2008) to recordings of sessions at all the various regional camps around the world.

Remote Watchdog Distribution

This is a simple distribution whos entire purpose is to handle the watchdog communications for multiple sites.

Use case

Imagine having a large multi-site setup that you manage such that there are possibly 50 sites in a multisite. You don't want to have to run dblog and/or syslog on all those sites. So, what you do instead is you have a site that manages watchdog for all those sites. The sites in the multi-site can then use hook_watchdog to write their watchdog messages back to this distribution and then you only have 1 site running dblog / syslog but its being populated by all the other sites.
-Remote Watchdog
-- Site 1
-- Site 2
-- Site 3

To error check as well you are only going to 1 location as a developer.


This is essentially a quick bundling of defaults for entity watchdog, restws, a few contrib modules and drupal core. This was developed for the CIS distribution so that each multi-site stack in the ELMS Learning network could be troubleshot / monitored independently and at scale.

Distribution production automated by Profiler Builder.



HyperDrupal is a distribution providing the basis for building a REST API server using Drupal 8. It derives its name from the use of hypermedia API responses, allowing REST API clients to traverse the API in much the same way a human traverses a web page.

The promise of a mature REST implementation is the API equivalent of a wiki walk, and Drupal 8 is poised to be the perfect framework for realizing this potential. Thanks to Web Services and Context in Core Initiative spearheaded by Larry Garfield, we now have a core REST module with an optional HAL module that allows us to format responses in one of the leading generic hypermedia types available (see the specification). We have also included Guzzle to serve as our HTTP client for consuming remote web services.

This distribution will be a sandbox of sorts for proving the use case of Drupal 8 as a REST API server and contributing to the development of tools that extend the functionality of core as both a server and client.

What does it do?


Ready to GO

"Ready to GO" distribution have an idea to provide you with a great Drupal distribution, containing all necessary modules for you to easily start using Drupal with all the power it has!
Currently it is only an installation profile but the module is under active development to become a real Drupal "Ready to GO" distribution.
Currently it can be used for a starting point for site builders.

Current features:

SEO - Providing all SEO modules technically required for a great distribution.



PalVN is a Drupal distribution for building Drupal based Q&A platforms.



Drupalcoverage generates a PHPUnit coverage report for Drupal 8, deployed to Pagodabox.

You can see it here: http://drupalcoverage.gopagoda.com/ It will be periodically updated when I re-deploy. You can see the deployment date on the bottom right corner.

It's a seriously tiny hack. :-)