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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


Theo's Makefiles


Personal base profile I use to get projects up and running.


Coming soon...



Provide a small but effective Freelancer Tool.

It will have a Timer, Project overview and so on.

Staff Listing

Staff Listing is Distribution For Small Company Staff Listing and detail of staff. Storing Staff documents and and other essential information of a staff.

Smart blog

This Distribution let you to have a blog really fast.

This distribution is not for final user, but developers or people familiars with html and prefer to see the html code instead of a wysiwyg editor.


This is an extenstion to current cash flow module. Instead of packing everything in a single module, its better to create a distribution which will offer all the configurations done out of the box!

This distribution will allow you to record your diffent types of financial transactions. A user can have both personal and company/organzation finansical transactions. Income & expeses can be recurring and much more. The ultimate goal of this distribution is to provide a single point where you can record all your transactions, manually, for now!





Fortified Drupal Development

Dropfort is a Drupal distribution designed to aid in the development and management of Drupal projects and sites.

More details will be available after DrupalCamp Ottawa 2014

Created and sponsored by Coldfront Labs Inc.
"Dropfort" is a trademark of Coldfront Labs Inc.






Drupal Marketing Automation System

Nodequeue Dialog‎

Extend Nodequeue functionality by adding a new extra field in node edit form. This way you can add and remove nodes from queues without visiting Nodequeue tab.

A similar project, but I plan to make use of the module with the References dialog

Big thank you for Ivan Goncharenko that helped with the module.


Kalvi is a next generation e-learning suite which aims to be both easy to use and feature rich. It strives to embrace learning standards such as SCORM, XAPI etc wherever possible and builds on the shoulders of giants.

This projectspace houses the Kalvi distribution which is a quickstart for kalvi core.


Kalvi is under heavy development and is currently unsuitable for use in production.



Install Drupal with some common contributed modules.


This distribution provides a ready-to-use Website for introducing a company, a brand or even a blog... It does not intend to deal with Commerce. For such purpose, please consider using Commerce Kickstart distribution.

Base features are:

  • WISYWIG / input filters
  • Multilingual support
  • Responsive images

The distribution comes with several features that may be enabled to get additional functionalities:

  • Blog
  • Mail template
  • Masquerade
  • News
  • Video


First electronic Public Procurement System (e-PPS) in Drupal. Drupal’s e-PPS is an open, secure, interoperable and re-configurable platform allowing the implementation of a full cycle of electronic public procurement.

Mata Hari

Mata Hari es module followed by modification for :

  • Taxonomy
  • Taxonomy Vocabulary
  • Entity
  • Node
  • User
  • and more...


Drupal.fi finnish community site install profile.

We decided to move the code to github for easier contribution through pull request-system: https://github.com/bfr/drupalfi



Aprilie 2014:
Acest proiect a intrat in stadiul "frozen". Acest lucru inseamna ca pentru o perioada nedeterminata proiectul va ramane in forma actuala fara alte modificari sau update-uri.


Pentru o buna organizare te rugam sa publici ideile pe care le ai dupa ce citesti documentul si de preferinta in categoria “Idei”. Ne luam angajamentul de a citi toate ideile si de a le pune in aplicare daca sunt fezabile


This module is depricated. Please visit ERPAL platform for the successor.


Drupal Secured

Drupal Secured will NOT guarantee that your site does not get hacked. Drupal Secured provides a hardened, 508 compliant, old browser support for IE8 and responsive theme out of the box. It is up to you to maintain security and other provided functionality during the development, deployment and maintenance of your site. Regular audits are required to maintain the features provided. Drupal Secured give you a solid starting point for sites requiring security and 508 compliance.


Site de promovare a valorilor romanesti