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Top level structure

Video stepping through how this works in the context of ELMSLN.

Drupal Galaxy is a specification and packaging format for a new way of managing complex Drupal deployments. This is setup in such a way to handle multiple drupal distributions and multiple versions of core (like AEgir) but without all the hosting implications. Imagine a system setup that allows a drupal site to have non-admin users request other drupal-based systems be created (like requesting a personal blog or a project site). This allows for an application development layer typically reserved for complex Organic Groups setups.

We're not suggesting Drupal Gardens is built on this idea (it's not) but suppose you wanted to build your own Drupal gardens that allows users to request which application they want to spin up (where applications are distributions).

What this provides

  • Concept of assembling Drupal into stacks and then pointing to stacks from domains
  • Configuration specific to the deployment of new systems is all silo'ed in a folder (kind of like D8's structure)
  • Area for documentation
  • A Scripts area for server-side scripts to apply for additional management and automation both via bash and drush levels
  • Security best practices (DSLM only packages files required for core to work)

Out of the box this includes files for use with automating drupal builds, configuring the server, and performance optimizations (including the structure heavily optimizes APC usage). Don't use the copy of Drupal core this comes with, this is purely for illustrating how this approach works. Always upgrade code / download a fresh copy after getting going.

Standardization and review

We are currently seeking 1.0 specification review and standardization. ELMSLN has pioneered this application management structure and is run in production, but it is still up for review and modification. If needed, 1.0 could be reserved for ELMSLN and a 2.0 specification could be built from it.

Who's using this?

ELMS Learning Network
If you are using this please post an issue in the queue and we'll add it to the list.

Huge thanks to DSLM as this project draws on a lot of concepts from that great foundation.

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