PSU Drupal user's group
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United States
University Park, PA

Pennsylvania State University has a large and vibrant Drupal community with a long history of contributing to Drupal in the form of documentation, issue queues, contributed modules, themes, install profiles, distributions and regular blogging on Drupal planet. In addition to, many members work on drupal related projects on the PSUDUG github page.

Projects supported

DataCamp Light, Champion, Drupolymer, HOO, Theme Shapes API, RestWS Render, EasyCDN, jwerty, Tag Scanner, Accessibility toolkit, ELMSLN: Central Person Registry, Book Search and Replace, Canvas API, Git Book, Git.php, Drush grant RID, SVG Sanitizer, XMLRPC Page Load, Live Questions, Display Inherit, Ulmus Core, No Workflow, Inbox, Webhook Slack, Views Timelinejs Extras, Publicize, Discuss Distribution, Editorial, Book Cache, Assessment tools, HAX, Drush EFQ, Digital Measures, Replicate Entityform, Slack Entity, ELMS Compliance Distro, VoiceCommander, UUID Rebuild, UUID Rebuild UI, Listserv, Drush Recipes UI, Drush Recipes, Foundation Access, Enquire.js, Speed Reader, Me Speak, Galaxy, Styleguide CT, ELMS Learning network, HTTPRL Spider, Remote Watchdog Distribution, Entity Watchdog, Replicate UI, SidrJS, Entity iframe theme, Entity iframe, ELMS: Interactive Course Object Repository, Research Lab, ELMSLN: CIS Connector, ELMS: Collaborative learning environment, Activation Code, Thumbnav, Book Touch, Quo.js, ELMS: Course Information System, ELMS: Massively Open Online Course, Textbook, tinynav.js, Chamfer defaults, Book Title Override, jQuery Countdown Timer, Nittany, Ulmus, ELMS: Media Management, eduDU Kickstart, Hidden Nodes, User Progress API, D6 Legacy - ELMS Features, ELMS Themes, Context: Spaces Features, Node Reference Highlight, Book Outline Builder API, Poll Extras, Requirement Dashboard, Learning Registry, Feeds Node Helper, Spaces OG Clone, Workflow Purl Integration, Context: Variable, Profiler Builder, CKEditor Link OG, Spaces Theme, Feeds Role ID Map, Regions, QuickPost Bookmarklet, Seedling, Outline Child Pages, Chamfer, Wunderbar!, Tweet Board, Network Connector, Network Manager, Rubric, Book Copy, Facelift Image Replacement Integration, HTML Export, Outline Designer, Assignment Studio, ELMS, Riffly - realtime audio and video comments on your site, Table of Contents

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