Profiler Builder is a module for automating the creation of installation profiles and distributions. It has support for the Profiler installation profile simplifier library but is able to run independent of it (1.0-RC4+). This module creates a downloadable tar package that gives you a well made installation profile and associated drush make file based on the site its installed on.

This is a fast, simple way of creating a distributions from any produced drupal site and is an excellent form of documentation via blue-print creation.

7.x features

  • Builds the .info, .profile, .install, .make, and .make.example files necessary to turn a site into a distribution / installation profile and tar's them up as a download.
  • Checkbox settings to allow for modifications to the generated output
  • all files based on components selected and analyzing current site
  • .install setting based on common install routines and distribution best practices
  • Make files features:
    1. Local development options and components not found on d.o. added to local.make.example
    2. modules with version and custom / version-less modules added to the end
    3. themes with version
    4. libraries (requires Libraries API) with definition list to automatically supply working versions of common projects (Submit to the queue to add more)
    5. patches (scans site structure for .patch files) and attempts to match against d.o.
    6. Error catching / TODO statements commented into make file as detected
  • Hooks to modify all file components for build accuracy
  • Drush command for package builds (drush distro {name} --untar) will place the package untar'ed in your profiles directory!
  • Profiler Builder Extras (PBE) sub module for crazier stuff!
  • PBE: Ability to record and automatically produce update hooks of database queries executed


  • Automated support for features builder for automated features generation and export.
  • Ability to override / build upon a previously created / modified install profile
  • Request functionality to improve accuracy / automation today!

Special Note on Field Collection

If you are using Field Collection in your install profile / distribution that this package gives you make sure you read my comment #39 on #1649548: Setting default values in Content Types -> [content type] -> [field collection field] -> edit causes incorrect Features export. It's not that you can't use field collection items in a Feature for a distribution, just make sure you run through the remediation until this is patched.


D.O. Distributions using Profiler Builder

Hate distros / profiles but love profiler builder?

You should check out drush recipes! It lets you capture and share chained drush commands as well as manage the hell that is distros that someone else maintained for awhile (and then stopped one day).


The Drupal 6 version was created as part of the Penn State University ELMS Initiative. The Drupal 7 version was initially ported by for Language Corner Group Learning project and is maintained by btopro.

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