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Nittany is a series of drush recipes maintained by the Penn State Drupal community, primarily designed to be a "starting point" for building sites as well as a series of supportable best practices for Drupal. By bundling a list of commonly-used and recommended modules, Nittany is intended to lessen the burden on new developers and site builders, by being a response to the question: "I installed Drupal, now what?". If you are building a new Drupal site, or are new to Drupal, you should try starting with Nittany.

Because of the number of projects included in Nittany, and the often rapid pace of development on these projects, it is impossible to guarantee that the latest versions of each project will always be included in the latest version of Nittany. What this means is that frequently when you install Nittany, modules may be reported as having available updates. We'll do our best to ensure that the recommended version of Nittany is updated monthly.

Nittany is now managed on Github for increased transparency and participation. There is also a Nittany Vagrant profile for the easiest way to get up and developing with Nittany.

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