The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.


This is the Pistachio theme. It is an example of all the features in Drupal 8. It is not to be used on production sites.


Devel MimeMail

This is the Devel / MimeMail module. It adds a custom mail system:
"DevelMimeMailSystem", which is a mashup of DevelMailLog and MimeMailSystem.
It stores HTML mail to the file system so you can debug or style html messages
sent out by Drupal.

Yelp Categories

Augment some group of nodes with the category (and other) data from Yelp.

Openlayers 3 Whitelist Test

This is a profile for testing the Openlayers 3 library whitelist. See #1442460: Add OpenLayers to whitelist

Robotic answer

Example project


Rules Message Broker


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