The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

Block Page (with Layout plugin)

This is a copy of the 'block_page_layout' example module that used to live in Layout Plugin.

This example module was never intended to be used in production - if you want to integrate Layout Plugin with Page Manager, then use Panels! However, a few people have unfortunately used it in production, so rather than just removing it from Layout Plugin, we've moved it here.


wp like admin

Closed due to copyrights infringement.
Make the Drupal admin panel look a little bit like Wordpress.
This is useful for showing the aggregated sidebar menu for content managers and using the admin menu (or smth) for admins.


Créditos rápidos File Manager Lite

Créditos rápidos FM is a web-based file manager that has a drag & drop user interface powered by AJAX. The lite version has limited features.


Deleted not used

nice idea nothing to see here for the moment.



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