The module is not supported (i.e. abandoned), and is no longer being developed.

Finto autotranslation submodule review

This is a temporary repo for code review purposes.

Http Service Access For TeamDynamix

This is a plugin for the feeds importer, that allows users to access requested service data from TeamDynamix based on the API call requested. It recovers the security token from the initial authentication call and sends back to generated security token for the completion of the service api call.

Lunar calendar

Provides a lunar calendar for the years 500 AD to 4,000 AD for countries and their cities from A-Z.


This module provides a Views Bulk Operations action to export view rows to CSV file.

DEPRECATED: the functionality of this module has been included in the VBO Export module ( which purpose is adding more VBO export options.


This module allows your application to interact with recruiter box API. Site Admin
can configure this module to create candidates for multiple openings directly at

Generating an API Key: Follow following URL

Recruiter box API key:
Add it at admin/config/recruiterbox/recruiterboxsettings



The assignment calculator is designed for educational websites such as
universities or high schools to help students calculate the steps needed to
complete an assignment by the due date. Content administrators will set up
various assignment templates, such as research papers, and will include the
steps needed to complete an assignment and the percentage of time this step
should take. For example, step one might be researching a topic and it should
take 10% of your time. Once these templates are created, a user on the site


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