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Distributions provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually.


Drupal install profile with modules for creating graphs and charts with the help of Charts and Graphs API . Also comes with search API graphing modules (when we are done).

Implemented Libraries

Charts Graphs supports rendering graphs by different libraries.



The goal of OpenLocal is a distribution that provides key software elements needed by a local community. Initially the focus is on food schemes such as CSA vegboxes and foodhubs.



Starfish is a Drupal distribution that allows you to set the operating site in minimal time. All necessary modules are included in the installation and set up. Just when you install will be offered to the localization of the Russian language from the server drupalize.ru. Third-party libraries are automatically included in the distribution.



DrupalCorn Camp

Customized COD distribution for the DrupalCorn Camp

Open Drupal Document Management ( egov- Vietnam)

Software for document management and executive job opening on the Drupal.
The software can be used in government agencies or business organizations.
The main functions include:
1 - Manage documents ( come in, out)
2 - Creat document, handling work
3 - Send, receive electronic documents via Email
4 - Utilities: calendar, document management ...
Phần mềm quản lý văn bản và điều hành công việc mở trên nền tảng Drupal.
Phần mềm có thể sử dụng trong các cơ quan chính phủ hoặc các tổ chức doanh nghiệp.

Malotor profile

Malotor´s installation profile with this features:

- Based on standard profile
- Add Editor role
- Create "category" field for blog entries
- Create "image" filed for blog entries
- Add "Full HTML" text format
- Configures som pathout var
- Configures time and date
- Creates IMCE profiles


A documentation system that can be used for creating and editing simple DocBook documents, quickly and easily, from a web interface. It uses a simple text markup syntax, similar to a wiki markup, to denote some of the most commonly used DocBook elements. Then, this markup can be converted to HTML for being displayed on a browser, and most importantly, can be converted to XML for exporting the documents in the DocBook format.


This project is based on the Openaidmap sandbox and is in current development to ensure the geocluster_openlayers module works.


XBugtracker is a simple development bug tracking and ticketing system. This system is ideal for departmental organizations working with IT and development teams in a group project environment.


Placeholder for what will become the princess D8 distro.


Media Drive



PP Profile

PP distribution is aimed to solve common editor's problems. At the moment it allows:
- WYSIWYG with ckeditor 4
- use on the fly cropping tool for choosing what piece of image should be taken as thumbnail
- insert preselected image size thumbnails (with cropping feature) in WYSIWYG
- insert blocks (beans) in WYSIWYG. This allows to keep the structure of the blocks the same across the site and editors would not be able to change its html structure
- slideshows -- two fieldable panel pane types that are themed slideshows


Meedjum Blog

This distribution sets up a simple blog with the Meedjum theme. It basically just creates the Article content type, the listing view, and a couple settings, so you have yourself a simple, beautiful working blog out of the box.

Check out http://mikecr.it for a working example.

Distribution production automated by Profiler Builder.


CRM Core Petition Demo

This is an install profile for CRM Core Petition


Brochure Distro

When we talked to small companies, they just want a their website to have a nice design and some basic functionalities; they will go from there. And yes, maybe using Drupal for that may be overkill, but on one side, Drupal is more secure and on the other if you want to make sure that customer have the tools to upgrade their website design to something more advanced, you have to use Drupal, or at least we do. It is for this reason that we decided to create a basic Drupal Distribution that simplifies the basic website design for our job, and why not, yours too. We had called it the Brochure Distribution, the term brochure is used loosely there just to imply that the goal is to have a distribution that has the basic features needed in any company website plus some blog feature.

The distribution will have this features out of the box, we plan to use features as much as we can.

  • Basic home page with an image slider, an area tile where you can put links to services, about us, contact us and find us.
  • Testimonies.
  • About us page, contact us, Services offered.
  • Portfolio content, with carousel on the front page and some different versions for presenting them. Using exposed filter and Isotope JS.
  • Of course a section to create content, a blog if you will.
  • An image gallery.

Mobile AugmentedReality Kickstart

Mobile AugmentedReality Kickstart is the quickest way to get up and running with the Mobile AugmentedReality Communication module and the PRAugmentedReality iOS Framework.

It includes the latest versions MobileAR and its dependencies, as well as a basic content type allowing you to create "places" to send to a mobile app implementing the PRAugmentedReality Framework.



Distribution for ebiz


Website Build Version:
Last Update:
August 13, 2013
Hosting Expiration: May 3, 2014
Mobile App
Build Version:
Last Update:
August 8, 2013

Pyramid Performance

This module is aimed on gathering the best of the best modules for optimization and speed.

Performance is key doing this distribution.

This is the Alpha version.

This distribution is developed and actively maintained by Pyramid Consulting
Only local images are allowed.

Akasha Project Management

Screenshot of Akasha Project Management

Akasha Project Management

- Time management - Tracking, tables, charts
- Tickets - Track issues, progress and priorities
- Email notifications - Get notified about what you want
- Client and Project management
- Calendars - Be on time


To make COD better for Drupalcon, Drupalcamps and for generic use. This will take what has been heard from the Drupal community summit and integrate from the start. The architecture will include various social media plugs and allow for integration with Joind.in, Lanyrd and Eventbrite to name a few. Once this has reached a satisfying status and is being used it will be converted hopefully back to COD.

Open GeoCV

Open GeoCV is a spatial CV project.

You may create project, company, NGO, school, event nodes and reference each other.


Drusha is a Drupal distribution for building sharing platforms.



Development has moved to github.


A make file and base profile used as a starting point for NavigationArts Drupal 7 projects. This distro is intended as a core for CMS Projects. It provides modules commonly shared by projects. This should be used as a starting profile in favor of base profile and edited as necessary any unused modules should be removed from the .info file and disabled.

Deploy test

Sandbox installation profile for testing various deployment-related scenarios. This project current sets up the following deployment scenarios:

- Content with attached media
- Panelized pages with dependencies (beans, dependent nodes)
- Beans
- Workbench moderation state
- Entities with field collections
- Entities with entity reference fields
- Webform nodes

The make file contains various projects and dependent patches to make all the components work in harmony.

Still todo: