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Lead Developer, Drupal Architect, Full Stack Developer, Founder in Cheif
Joshi Consultancy Services

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Information Technology, Drupal, PHP

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I have been working with Drupal for 9 years. I write code that strictly comply with Drupal coding & security standards.

I Help individuals & companies to make a strong online presence with their business & services to reach to their target audience.

I build web apps like portfolios, E-commerce stores, Community web sites, Forums, Corporate Intranets, LMS, CRM, Job Portals, Survey web sites, Quiz web sites, Market place, Photo Gallery, Web Directories, Social Networks, Blogs, Browser based games, Crowd funding web sites, Micro blogging sites, Mobile first web sites, Back end & Services for native mobile apps.

I build custom modules and themes for all versions of Drupal using Drupal API. I create new entities using custom modules, can work with views, ctools, panels, features and other important & basic modules. I also build custom modules based on Drupal commerce & ubercat API.

I maintain & manage Drupal websites, migrate sites built with different CMS/framework to Drupal, manage your servers and use GIT in a collaborative environment.

I am a community contributor and have contributed few modules on

I build core PHP sites using different template systems and integrate different third party APIs like linkedin, paypal, facebook apps, twitter streams, other payment gateways, data import from third party sites/app.

I provide Drupal & PHP coaching. You can connect with me for one-to-one Drupal/PHP training.

Not a sweatshop labor.


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Drupal Contributions: 

I am engaged in contributing to drupal community by replying on forums. I provide support on drupal's IRC channels. I have contributed few modules.

I also help new Drupal developers to learn and understand Drupal. I encourage and mentor new developers to contribute to Drupal

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Project Lead
Site builder
Back & Front end Developer

Credited on 2 issues fixed in the past 1 year


I contributed Drupal patches
I contributed Drupal modules
I contributed Drupal installation profiles
I contributed to Drupal issue queues
I contributed Drupal documentation
I contributed Drupal translations
I help in the Drupal support forums
I provide Drupal-related services
I give support on IRC
I help mentor new contributors