Configuring clean URLs

A complete guide for clean URLs.

Enable clean URLs

Enable clean URLs for better search engine indexing and make user friendly URLs.

Clean URLs with Apache 2 for performance

Note the following directions do not adequately cover everything that needs to be included in a site's Apache configuration file to make

Clean URLs with Apache 2 on Debian

Note: This article needs to be updated for Debian "Etch" and "Lenny" releases. (as of March 2009)

Clean URLs with Apache 2 on Ubuntu

There are two methods for setting up Drupal with Apache on Ubuntu. The first (preferred) method edits the virtual host

Clean URLs with Apache 2 - above DocumentRoot on virtual private servers

To set up clean URLs above web document root on virtual private servers, you need to change a setting in httpd.conf.

Clean URLs with Hiawatha

Hiawatha Webserver offers URL rewriting via the URL Toolkit. The required toolkit rule for your Drupal website is:

Clean URLs with IIS

Drupal can display brief, "clean" URLs like those at For Apache sites, mod_rewrite powers this feature. On IIS you'll use

IIS CleanURLs using some of the available ISAPI filters.

There is a free version called ISAPI_Rewrite Lite that should get clean URLs working for IIS.

Clean URLs with Lighttpd

This document explains how to configure clean URLs for Lighttpd.

Clean URLs with Mac OS X Server

For Mac OS X Server 10.4 (Tiger Server) and most likely previous versions as well, do not make changes to /etc/httpd/httpd.conf expecting.

Clean URLs with WAMP

WAMP needs a small change to make the Clean URLs work with it.

Clean URLs with XAMPP

Clean URLs works out of the box on current XAMPP. However, you probably need to set the rewrite base in the .htaccess file. Uncomment the

Clean URLs in Wampserver 2

Configure the standard Wampserver 2 download to support clean URLs

Clean URLs with https for the backend and http for the front end

Setting Clean URL with https(SSL) for the backend and http for the front end when Drupal is in a subdirectory/ subdomain.

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