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If you are considering downloading this module, there is probably a better way to solve whatever problem you are having. However, I believe in a free democracy that allows people to make their own choices.

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Features Export Explode

Explode your Features exports into multiple files. This allows for easier management and review of changes included in updates to Feature modules.


After updating your Features via typical means (UI, Drush, etc) run the one of the following Drush commands:

drush features-explode
- or -
drush fxx

You'll see the default hook re-written and a new file included for each component included in the export.


Video Comment FranklyMe

Use this plugin to spice up your posts with video comments instead of boring text comments. Simply start by creating a new post, the video comment feature is added automatically at the end of the post.

This plugin places two-set widget. First, a sleek 'record video' button, and a video carousel at the end of all of your posts. Official plugin from FranklyMe.

It'll be shown to your audience once your post goes live, where they can take a video selfie (velfie) that'll be viewable by everybody on your site.

Migrate Manifest

Migrate manifest provides a Drush command for running migrations using a manifest format.

Originally this functionality lived in Drush. It was briefly maintained in Migrate Tools as part of Migrate Plus but due to lack of interest by the maintainer it has been split into a standalone project.


Commit author

This module shows author's name of current commit as notice message. It will help QA to identify the person who has pushed invalid code. We used this module on our projects. This module works only with Git. Svn support will be added in future.


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