Static Deploy

Add-On module for the Static Generator module.

Allows to deploy the generated static pages to the target host by using either FTP, SFTP or local copy.



Abstract class to deal with flat data tables


A collection of hooks implementations mean to spice up a Drupal site. This is made but adjusting various behaviours based on specific needs, or by offering solutions for some well known use case that are not yet being covered by Drupal's core.

A full list of coverage areas will be updates as they are being added to the module.

Entity Data

Entity data provides a simple API to add data to any entity. It works similar to core's variable_set/get/del system. Except the data is associated with a entity and only loaded when that entity is loaded.

The primary usage involves the getter/setter methods:
entity_data_set($entity_type, $entity_id, $name, $value, $revision_id = 0, $language = LANGUAGE_NONE);

entity_data_get($entity_type, $entity_id, $name, $default = NULL, $revision_id = 0, $language = LANGUAGE_NONE);



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