Social media button rules

rules event

This is a simple module that provide two event facebook like and facebook sare , using rules module.

Transactional PHP


  1. Apply the core patch bundled with this module.
  2. Update autoload with dependencies:
    %> composer drupal-update 



Using the default database connection


Devel Queue

Provides dummy queues to help testing and devolping queue modules


Kill Switch

Utility module which allows developers to turn on/ off areas of the codebase. A.K.A. Feature Flags

How does this differ from:
featureflags: Is nice, but we needed it to be more lightweight; no custom tables, no access control
killswitch: Not even remotely related, this is more for hijacking your site should a client not pay their bill


Nearby Place Search: Integrates with the Google Places and Google Map.

Shows a list of places of a certain type and configurable from the back-end settings within the specified radius for specified location.

* Copy the 'nearbyplace' module directory in to your Drupal 'sites/all/modules' directory as usual.

In the 'admin/config/content/place-types' configured places search settings.

Browse to '/near-by-place/' and you should search local places by places types.


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