Transcript import

This module will allow you to perform learner record imports to the Course suite of modules:

While you can build importers that can import into entities such as Course enrollments, completions, and credit, importing to all 3 of them at the same time would require 3 different files and 3 different imports.

Webform: Migrate

Migration routines from d6, d7 webform to d8 webform

Webform Answers

A simple module for building quizzes using Webform 8.x-5.0. Webform Answers allows you to specify correct answers to your Webform questions.

Pro and Con Comments

Module description

Enables "pro" and "con" Comments on content, which makes it easy to compare different comments and views on a subject. A good example is a debate on a poll.

Comments are displayed in two columns, one for "Pro" and one for "Con", under the content body. If the Fivestar module is installed, comments can be rated and will "float" up when rated high.

Requirements / Dependencies

This module requires the Views module.
Views: Procon creates a view for listing all arguments on a node.

Rate Field

rate field

This module lets you add a field to any entity type and when that field is rendered, it shows a widget with the thumbs up / thumbs down functionality. Also every vote is an entity which allows the votes to have views integration.


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