Drupal Skills

Drupal Skills serves as a Drupal API wrapper for the PHPSkills Composer package. PHPSkills itself is a full implementation of Microsoft's TrueSkill player ranking and matchmaking algorithm. The notion is that a person's skill is represented by their probability of success by tracking two variables - a player's current skill and also how certain the system is about their skill.

User points balance history


Currently userpoints module shows only amount of transaction and doesn't show points that left after every transaction. This module adds new table field to store this information and integrates it into the views module.

Module will check all transactions after installation and fill new field for every transaction that already has been made.


This module is used for the vuukle api integration with the drupal. Vuukle is a commenting platform which can be integrated with the drupal nodes. Administrator can choose to which content type node should be integrated with the vuukle comment system

Voting like button

This module allows to integrate the Voting like button into your Drupal website.


  • Votinglike module allows visitors to like and dislike anonymously the following Drupal entities: nodes, comments, user.
  • Fully customizable through settings.
  • All labels texts can be changed.
  • Appearance is controlled through CSS.
  • Built-in styles.

Get Likes and Dislikes count in template

Suppose you are using "bartik" theme and you want to display Likes and Dislikes count on the Article page:

Webform Random

This module provides a checkbox on the WebformForm Form Settings page located located at /node/%/webform/configure to display the form elements randomly.


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