Quiz Pass Rate

Quiz pass rate sanbox project


Like Dislike Drupal 8

Like/Dislike module can be used to Like and Dislike actions on any content. It is powered by Drupal field concept.

- Same as other drupal modules


BMI Add Ons

BMI Imperial and BMI Metric blocks using Quicklinks

The BMI Add Ons module is a sandbox project that provides additional blocks to to the BMI module by by Azri solutions (http://drupal.org/user/115278).

It adds a number of blocks that contain forms that help to calculate various health indicators.

In addition to adding a BMI calculator geared towards users of the imperial system of measurement, the BMI Add Ons module provides the following for both users of the imperial and metric systems:

Service Links mailto

The Service Links mailto module integrates with the Service Links module. It adds an extra service on the 'Service Links > Services' page. The output of the mailto link can be configured on the 'Service Links > Widgets' page.


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