Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Webform Remote Repost

The module Webform Remote Repost is a tiny addition to the handy utility module Webform Remote Post.

For the case when destination server has been down during a submission time, site administrator can manually resubmit webform results to external parties.

Everyone is welcome to contribute by adding webform selection in UI, etc.

Exportables Browser (XBrowser)

This module provides reports pages that show the state of exportables (from features and other modules).
It has a diff page that shows from which hooks the exportables come and which module they altered.

Currently it covers exportables provided by ctools and entity modules.
For other exportables, patches are welcome.


MM Features Banish

This module contains presets for the Features Banish module.

It prevents the most common state variables from being featured.

Some variables are missing? File a patch!


Theme Enabler

This module enables the currently used theme and all its base themes.

Use case: After deploying theme settings via the theme_default and theme_admin variables, the themes still must be enabled. This module automates that task.


Minecraft Players

Displays a list of online players in a block. Capable of using the Minecraft ping protocol as well as the Gamespy4 protocol.


- minecraft_query

If you are using a plugin that alters the message displayed when a server is pinged, it is likely it will have adverse effects on this module. Plugins like ServerListPlus modify the player sample and other data, causing issues in data parsing. If you are having issues, try turning off your plugins before posting an issue.

Minecraft Status

Displays the status of a minecraft server in a block. Display includes the ip of the server, the number of maximum and online players, an online indicator, and the version of the server. Capable of using the Minecraft ping protocol (Pre and post 1.7) as well as the Gamespy4 protocol.


- minecraft_query


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