Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Block Render

Block Render is a iframe Endpoint, REST API, and Javascript SDK for delivering
rendered blocks to other applications. This module can be used to inject blocks
into other sites or native applications.


Form Protect


Form Protect is a tiny, simple, non-invasive spam protection for forms. The protection is based on the assumption that spam bots are not running JavaScript when loading targeted forms.

Comparing to other similar modules, this one is only redirecting the submit to a blind page when JavaScript is disabled. Similar modules:


AJAX Mini Panels for Pages

This module allows you to AJAXify a panels page by making links and form submissions on the page cause the specified mini-panels embedded in that page reload themselves via AJAX.

To use this module, simply download and enabled it, then turn on Panels Mini Ajax in the configuration for the panels pages you want AJAX enabled on.


Webform select or other options

It extends a "select or other field" on a webform by adding ability to reuse "other" text.

After submiting webform adds "Other" option into the database, so when you launch your webform again new option will be in the default list of options.

Running Club

The Running Club module is a module created to help manage the members of a club and post results of events to the website.

It has a number of features which will allow website administrators to manage a club of people, with their personal details and emergency contact details. It also allows event nodes and result nodes for events to be created. There is also a contact feature that allows members of the club to be contacted via mass email.

Commerce Payment Select

If you are using Drupal Commerce and more than one payment method, the top payment method automatically becomes the default. The user may submit to the payment stage without mentally making the decision of which method to choose.

Normally this is fine, but if you have some conditional fields involved, or some legal reason to FORCE the user to select a payment method this module is for you!


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