Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Act-On Integration

Sample Act-On configuration in Drupal

This module integrates Act-On with Drupal.

Act-On – A marketing automation system used to track visitors on a website and build email campaigns.

* Select which forms are posted to Act-On
* Set the url to post to
* Debug mode to show which fields are being sent to Act-On


Commerce Discount Quantity

This module adds a new product discount condition called "Commerce Discount Quantity" to Commerce Discounts. It was copied from Commerce Discounts Extra with the "product" removed so I could check on product quantity only.


  • Product quantity is:
    • Equal to: X
    • Greater than: X
    • Less than: X


Advanced search block

Provides the advanced search form (normally displayed above search results) as a block.

To use, install the module and assign the block to a sidebar region. Grant the advanced search permission properly. Perform a node-based search and the block will be displayed on the results page.


Stop Administrator Login

This is a simple module that will stop users from being able to login as user 1. Administrators will still be able to login as user 1 using drush. The idea behind this is to protect a site from the accidental loss of user 1's password. Ideally, two-factor authentication would be used to mitigate that instead, but this is a quick alternative.


If you enable this module, and do not have access to the machine using drush— you will NOT, I repeat, NOT be able to log back in as user 1. This will be sad for you, but here is your warning.


Saluto Webform Access

Saluto Webform Access restricts access to webform nodes with limited submit permissions

Cultura Exchange setup without the installation profile

This 'sandbox' module helps configure Cultura if it needs to be installed without the Cultura install profile (for instance if on an institutional system that already maintains Drupal's base configuration, or on a site which you have already started).

Here is the full list of modules used, the Cultura-specific ones first and then the other contributed models, including stalwarts very likely to be installed already such as Views, CTools, Token, and Pathauto.


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