Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Content First Layouts

This module contains content-first panels layouts with the following properties:

  • Apart from the main content region, all regions are adaptive, so they are not shown if they have no content
  • The content region adapts its size depending on the sidebars
  • The content region is rendered above the sidebars, so in responsive mobile layout content is on top (note: you need to add breakpoints and css for this)

Currently it contains

Share Node

This module allow administrators to add a "Share node" field to some content type so the users can indicate who else has access to edit their nodes.

SVG formatter

Add SVG formatter to file field.

How to use it?

1. Add file field to your content type and add svg to allowed file extensions settings.
2. Go to the 'Manage display' and change field format to 'Svg formatter'.
3. Set image dimensions if you want.

Try it

Use Git to clone module:

git clone --branch 8.x-1.x goran_pds@git.drupal.org:sandbox/goran_pds/2844350.git

Random user auth. DANGEROUS!

This module provides auto-authenticate-random-user.

If user does not have a valid session, one is created with a random user.
This is VERY DANGEROUS and should NEVER be enabled on public
available environments.

Use this module for performance testing for intranets and other
personalized websites.


  • Random user select during hook_boot()
  • Admin user is omitted
  • Redirect to requested page



Creates a new action for rules wich allows storing paths for each user or role in a new table. Changing the value of "config / system / site-information -> Default front page" by "frontredirect" users will be redirected to the value stored in the table when they go to homepage.


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