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FacetAPI Views Bridge

This glue module helps building SearchAPI Views that use Exposed Filters and Facet blocks.
For more Information see its Origin at #1797616: Marry facets and Views exposed filters and the Readme.


Colorbox Inline

colorbox_inline allows you to open content already on the page within a colorbox. If you would like to load content via AJAX, you can use colorbox_load.

To create an element which opens the colorbox on click:


Hellosign Pane

Provides a small widget to embed a hellosign form (via Ctools - panels, etc... )

Rules Get Real Path

This is a very simple rules action which, when provided with a file entity, returns the real local file path of that entity - useful if you are doing server side processing of the file.


Update a value in a multidimensional associative array using drush.


variable_set('my_array', array('foo' => array('bar' => 0)));

drush vseta my_array foo bar 1



Array( [foo] => Array( [bar] => 1 ) )


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