Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Callout Banner

Calloutbanner frontend


Callout banner allows you to configure and display a simple single line banner at the top of your website homepage. This banner can for example be used to promote a product on your website or alert people for nearby maintenance / website downtime.


You can configure the text to show in the banner and the text, link and background color.


There are no requirements to use this module. The visitor should have javascript enabled for the remove button to work though.


No issues so far.

Image Area Size

Provides an image effect which resizes it to a certain area size.

Quick Login D8

Drupal 8 version of quick_login module.


VJQ is a Views plugin to add JSON queries to Views in Drupal 8.

Module is composition of Fitbit module and version 7 Views JSON Query module, that we used in our service.

Ajax Login

Ajax Login module is provided an ability to login and register using AJAX.

Comment Form Display

Comment Form Display BO

The Comment Form Display module let you manage how the comments actions are displayed. All actions (delete, edit, reply) are configurable separately : Delete can be like default whereas Edit is displayed in a modal.
Modal display is fully ajax : comment is created and added in comment section without reload.

This module is optimized to work with Bootstrap.
CKEditor works fine too.

You can find me on IRC channel #CommentFormDisplay


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