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Share Selection


This module allows to share the selected text in social networks like Twitter, Google plus and Linkedin.

It has an API so that developers can to add their custom share selection links.

No facebook support due to Platform Policy 2.3 https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/review/prefill



Relation UUID

Provides integration between Relation and UUID modules.

Doesn't provide any functionality on it's own and should be installed only if required by another module.

Modules depending on it:


HTML sucker

The HTML Sucker module allows site builder to create Drupal blocks fetching HTML from other websites.
This could be handy if you need static blocks with content generated externally.


This module requires the following modules:

How to use it

When this module is enabled, users can configure new blocks by going to:
Administration » Configuration » User interface » HTML Sucker Blocks

URL alias restriction

Drupal is quite talkative in terms of showing off it's content. Often it makes content accessible which we actually don't want to show. That happens for instance very easily, if you're using nodes as content containers only - never really wanting to show the actual node page. Thanks to taxonomy node listings and other automatic node listings often these unstyled content containers land on the Google search index as soon as an Administrator has a look on this page and the page includes some SEO js, which then calls back to home about this URL path.

Minimalist GMap

Simple Google Field Formatter

Imagefield crop image convert

Convert Image field to Imagefield Crop field.


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