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Views Orderby Pinyin

在FIELDS里添加需要按汉语拼音排序的字段(可以排除显示),在SORT CRITERIA里添加:Content: FIELD ORDER BY PINYIN,然后选择FIELDS里的需排序字段。
This module adds a new sorting criteria to Views: Content: FIELD ORDER BY PINYIN. On the config form, you can select which field to sort by Pinyin. It uses MySQL built-in function: CONVERT ( *** USING GBK). So it requires MySQL back-end database.

Clipix "Save" Button

Add a Clipix "Save" Button to your site and get your visitors to save and come back to your content!

Token Content Access

Token Content Access allows you to restrict access to individual nodes using URL tokens. In order to view protected nodes, users must provide a unique token via the URL. This allows nodes to be published and viewable to anonymous users (for instance with a special link from an email campaign) but not visible to the public at large. It also automatically hides any TCA-protected content from Views results.


Redirect Check


Addon module for Redirect to check if redirect paths can be reached. For each redirect you can turn this check on/off and set a fallback url for when the redirect fails. The redirect check looks for a status code 200 on the redirect url.


This module requires the following modules:
* Redirect (https://drupal.org/project/redirect)


Add a redirect and on the bottom you get an extra check field.

Photoswipe Gallery


Photoswipe Gallery is a module that will use the Photoswipe JavaScript Library which can be found here (github).

As the name already tells, it is a swipeable gallery. It has been build mobile friendly, and it will scale on every mobile device.

Footer Copyright Block

This module shows the copyright year and site name across all the pages.


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