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Node System Links

The Node System Links module (nodesyslinks) provides an input filter which converts internal node links from their aliased path to their system path.

In an ideal world the formatter would look to see if there is an internal aliased node link and will convert it to /node/99.

Let's say you have an Article content type with a body field, and the body field contains links which have been added via the WYSIWYG editor. The links will pretty much always have been added to point to an aliased path, e.g. website.com/about-us rather than a system path such as website.com/node/99.


Settings overrides

Screenshot of how overrides are highlighted ot the user, for Drupal 6.

When maintaining/building/deploying many different versions of sites, for instance into environments such as development/QA/production you may override various Drupal variables in the site settings.php file.

If you do, when you view administration/settings forms (both core and your own custom ones), there is no mention that a variable value displayed is actually being overridden.

This module highlights (minimally) to the user when looking at an administration/settings form, which variables that are being displayed are actually being overridden in the settings.php file.

Node Authorization

Node Authorization allows users to add simple HTTP authorization to individual nodes. This is not a replacement for the user and content access system, just a lightweight alternative to create simple access restrictions on per-node basis. Note that HTTP authorization is not a totally secure system, particularly on non-HTTPS sites. If you require robust security to protect sensitive node content, please use Drupal's more established content access system.


VBO Bottom

Provides option to change the position of views bulk operation actions (VBO) to the bottom or top of the view.

Star Export

Field collection example

The Star Export module exports custom content which specifically includes field collection data. Many other modules and examples include exporting custom content such as Node Export or Views Data export but extra effort is require to include field collection data. This module adds the ability to export the field collection data in a flexible way as a drush command.

drush star-export takes the following command line arguments :

EZDFP for Ad Management

EZDFP Drupal module simplifies integration of Google DFP Ads into your Drupal site.


Automatically connect to EZDFP.COM
Easy to display Google DFP Ad unit by using EZDFP Block
Display multiple Google DFP Ad units on one page or multi-pages


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