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Inside IFrame

Sometimes a website needs to be displayed inside an iFrame, as well as being displayed in a full window. In the case when it is displayed inside an iFrame, it should be modified a bit to better fit this display, for example some parts can be hidden, the margin of the page can be lowered or removed, etc. These modifications can be done by including an extra CSS file that contains the necessary customizations.


Commerce Cart Empty

Provides a way for the current user's cart to be emptied.


Once enabled, an option will be available on the checkout configuration page (admin/commerce/config/checkout) to control the path used to trigger the cart emptying.

Credits / Contact

Written and maintained by Damien McKenna.


Commerce Checkout Product List

Provides a checkout pane that lists all active products, allowing the visitor to add & remove products from the current order.

This module is a fork of the Commerce Cart Form Checkout Pane module; that module allows editing the products currently in the user's cart, whereas this module shows all products.

Related modules

Some other modules work well with this one:



Zoho SalesIQ

Integrates Zoho SalesIQ chat with your drupal site.


  • Register to an account on Zoho SalesIQ
  • Copy the embedname of your chat widget. Can find it here: https://salesiq.zoho.com/XXXXXX/index#setting/embedchats
  • Goto to the configuration page admin/config/development/zoho_salesiq and paste embed name.

Configuration options

With this module the following configuration options are available:


taxonomy geo formatter

Geocoder autocomplete provides an autocomplete widget for taxonomy via the Google Geocoder API. Save hierarchically like

Webform Button Classes

This is simple module for adding some extra classes to Webform module buttons.
Configuration is located under each Webform instance advanced settings fieldset.
This module is built for Webform 4.x



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