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Form Display Actions


The Form Display Actions module adds in an actions column to the form display which allows you directly act (e.g. edit, delete) on a field without having to go back to the Manage Fields page.


No special requirements.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See: https://www.drupal.org/documentation/install/modules-themes/modules-8

Rules String Replace

A simple plugin for providing string replacement action in Rules

Extended Label


The Extended Label module adds in the ability to create an alternative field label that is longer than the internal Drupal label and supports full markup.

Once enabled, an 'Extended Label' field will show up on the field config edit form underneath the normal label field. If this field is left blank, the usual label will be used.


No special requirements.

Property Formatter

This field formatter shows the data as json.
It can be used inside JSE or entity2md.

Rules debug

This module adds an action "Debug all variables".
Consider it the rules version of



Panels Empty Pane access plugin

This module provides an access rule for Panels that will cause a pane to be output only if one of the selected panes is empty.

To avoid causing panes being rendered multipe times, an included cache plugin may be used for the panes that are being checked.



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