Bug reports are looked at; code is changed if a patch is provided to fix the issue.

Autoloading for themes

Out of the box, Drupal only honours files[] entries in module info files and not themes.

Enable this module (and clear all caches) and all the files[] directives in your theme .info files will immediately begin working.

Disabled themes are ignored.

Save disk space

Save Disk Space

Welcome to Save Disk Space!

Save Disk Space module helps you to save memory disk space by deleting the
unused iamges in the website.

For example, if a user creates a node with image attachment and later he/she deletes
the node, the attached image will still be maintained in the database with inactive
status as well as in the sites/default/files folder.

This module helps in listing the inactive images so that user can review and delete
the image to save memory space.

Ubercart QuickPay

We are creating a module for a credit card payment using QuickPay Payment Gateway. This Development has considered in Drupal 8.x module customization.

We are coming with more description.

Autocomplete Unblock


Drupal 7.42 release breaks autocomplete functionality on certain unusual server configurations that block direct access to Drupal's index.php file.

This module fixes autocomplete functionality on environments with restricted access to index.php.

Don't use this module if your server doesn't block direct access to Drupal's index.php file.

NAB Transact Payment

Provides NAB Transact integration for the Payment platform.

WYSIWYG A11ychecker


This module enables the Accessibility Checker plugin (and its dependency, Balloon Panel) from CKEditor.com in your WYSIWYG on your Drupal 7 site.


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