No Index

Will tell search engines not to index a site

Use Cases

  • Development sites
  • Internal/Team focused sites


This module blocks (well-behaved) search engine robots from crawling, indexing, or archiving your site by setting a "X-Robots-Tag: noindex,nofollow,noarchive" HTTP header.

Enable the module to block search engine robots. Disable the module to let them crawl your site.

Domain Path Rewrite

Auto-rewriting and redirection for Domain Path.



  1. Install Domain Path module and its dependencies.
  2. Optionally install Redirect module (to be able to manage domain-specific redirects).
  3. Go to Modules and enable Domain Path Rewrite.
  4. No additional configuration needed. It will just magically work!

Features | read more

  • Automatic domain path redirects
  • Automatic cross-domain URLs rewrite
  • Domain-specific redirects support


Structured Data Markup (Rich Snippets)

Structured Data as defined by Google:

"Structured data markup" is a standard way to annotate your content so machines can understand it. When your web pages include structured data markup, Google (and other search engines) can use that data to index your content better, present it more prominently in search results, and surface it in new experiences like Google Now and Siri.

For more info see:



Complex tools to disable drupal bugs in SEO


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