JSON Structured Data

This module allows you to add J-SON Structured Data script per content type to improve how Google can display your content. The module allows the use of tokens in the script.

See Google's documentation on Structured Data https://developers.google.com/search/docs/guides/intro-structured-data

Preposed future features:

Metatag user role

Adds ability to Metatag module to manage via UI default metatags per role of a user's profile being viewed (not the current user).

Note: Module depends on this patch for Metatag module to avoid dirty hacks.

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The goal of this module is to implement VisiStat tracking abilities in Drupal, through a more robust and elegant manner than hardcoding the tracker into templates.

SEO Keyword Links

This is a module for substituting a keyword in node's body text with a link. You can configure an external URL or a internal one.
Please, reinstall this module after you fill in the YML settings with your URLs.
Intended for Drupal 8.


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