Multi Domain Google Tag Manager

Multi Domain Google Tag Manager

The Multi Domain Google Tag Manager help to manage the different GTM tags for multi-site application.

The Multi Domain Google Tag Manager provide the bridge between the modules "domain" and "google_tag"

Google tag module is not released, so you have to download from the below git repository

On Screen Facebook LikePage

On Screen Facebook LikePage

OnScreenFacebook isFacebook likebox pouup widget for drupal. This allows your blog to displays FaceBook Likebox Popup Widget on screen with close button on entry to your Website/Page. This is configurable widget with option to set number of days,to display widget for user after every n number of days.This widget uses Lightbox jquery script for popup.

Custom Metatags

Form input

The Custom Metatag module allows you to provide a structured metadata.

Instalation For Drupal 8

Download and enable the module.
Create a field with the type: Custom metatags field type

How to use

- Download and enable de module
- Go to Manage Form Display and enable the field 'Custom Metatags' for your Content Type
- In the node content (add or edit), there is a input int the advanced sidebar

Metatag: Current Page Title Override

Provides an additional field in the Basic Metatags section to allow you to override the [current-page:title] token.

This allows you to retain your sitewide patterns (such as [current-page:title] | [site:name]) and means your editorial team are less likely to cause SEO issues by forgetting to add the pattern tokens back when overriding the existing Page Title field.

Page Title Formatter

Allow a short plain text field to be formatted as a Page Title.

NOTE: This *almost* worked, but it leaves duplicate <title> elements.

Idea abandoned; keeping the sandbox for reference.


The prerender module allow to integrate the service with drupal.


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