Geotagging improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for regional brand sites by tagging different language and regional versions of content. This ensures that the correct regional URL is served to the user in local search results. Similar content is grouped in a Content Family, which is a collection of pages that share the same general content, but that are targeted to different markets by country and language. Each page in a Content Family shares the same Content Family ID.

SEO 301 Redirection

301 redirection for following options.

1. Remove Trailing Slash
2. Convert URL to lower case
3. Remove index.php from URL.

Webform Yandex Goals

Таргетинг Yandex.Метрики для Webforms.
После установки настроить ID метрики тут admin/config/search/ytarget

Yandex.Metrics Goals for Webforms.
Enable module and set Yandex.Metica ID on page admin/config/search/ytarget

Domain pages metatag

This module is an extension for Metatag module for multi domain site installation that is based on Domain API module.
It gives users the ability to configure meta tags separately for each page and each domain.

More Global Variables

This is a small module that gives users some global variables that can be then printed in any twig template. For example, if you wanted to print the current page title as the last menu in a breadcrumb, you could print {{ global_variables.current_page_title }} in breadcrumb.html.twig. It can also be printed in any other template - html.html.twig, page.html.twig, node.html.twig, field.html.twig, etc.


Drupal pinterest style image loading

This lightweight module will automatically provide lazyloading of images on your website in a pinterest-style color scheme. It fetches the main color of your image and serves it until your image is loaded.

The module is great for performance and SEO, since it only loads images that are actually viewed in the viewport. Especially on mobile devices this results in faster loading of your pages.

Installation instructions


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