Partially Multilingual

Quick Summary

If you have a site that is multilingual, but only some pages are translated, this module redirects untranslated pages to the source language, to help with search engine optimization.

A bit more detail...

The purpose of the Partially Multilingual module is to avoid having multiple, unaliased URLs for the same page, which differ only by the language prefix in the URL, if your site has pages that are not translated into all of the enabled site languages. Metatag

This project extends Drupal's Metatag module to display vocabulary information as JSON LD in the head of web pages.


JSLD is simple API for add Json-LD support to your site.

Module doesn't do nothing without you, it's just help you to organize your Json-LD data on site.

For more information you can check jsld.api.php file.

Documentation and examples of using

Site Map Entities


This module add ability to add entities to Site Map module page.

  • You can show only specific entities restricted by the boolean field.
  • All entity types will be available.
  • You can enable only needed bundles for each entity type. You also can define children link to the list and change settings per bundle.

Meta pager for Views

This module provide ability to activate metatags rel="prev" and rel="next".

This metatags are recommended by Google (eng version, others can be different).

Noindex Module

This module adds the noindex robots-meta-tag to the HTML head of selected nodes (e.g. a certain page, an article) to prevent their content from being indexed by search engines. Note that the same functionality is not achieved by disallowing a node in robots.txt!


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