URL alias restriction

Drupal is quite talkative in terms of showing off it's content. Often it makes content accessible which we actually don't want to show. That happens for instance very easily, if you're using nodes as content containers only - never really wanting to show the actual node page. Thanks to taxonomy node listings and other automatic node listings often these unstyled content containers land on the Google search index as soon as an Administrator has a look on this page and the page includes some SEO js, which then calls back to home about this URL path.

Xmlsitemap Mobile

Xmlsitemap module does not implement mobile sitemaps yet.

This module implements this in the simplest way. You can create a new sitemap context, check mobile option and define mobile domain.

Only tested with xmlsitemap_node for the moment.


Multi-domain XML Sitemap

This is a simple module that builds on top of XML Sitemap module (v2.0). It allows generating sitemap.xml for multiple domains that point to the same Drupal site. For example, you might have example.com, example.us, example.io that all point to the same Drupal site. Using this module will allow generating separate sitemap.xml files under each domain that point to the correct domain name. For example, example.us/sitemap.xml will have links pointing to example.us/..., etc.


Alternate hreflang SEO

Alternate hreflang SEO

Many websites serve multilingual content from around the world. <link rel="alternate" hreflang="x"> attribute to serve the correct language or regional URL in Search results. These attributes places under the head tag..

Alternate hreflang SEO is simple module to provide admin interface. Where you can control to display attributes on specific pages. It is helpful for those having their multilingual websites on different server or outside your current drupal setup.

Search Engine Duplication

This module allows to handle duplicates amoung multi-domain and multilingual websites.


Simple microdata

Adds configurable microdata to nodes.


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