SEO Ping


The SEO Ping module allows the user to use ping services like pingomatic. It adds a configurable action so the user can choose what kind of nodes and which parameters to send at the service. It uses XMLRPC client to archive that. SEO Ping module creates a configurable action so it can be attached to a trigger and fire when node is created/updated etc.


SEO Analyzer by TCS

SEO Analyzer by TCS trategies for climbing the rankings in search engines

One of the simplest strategies for climbing the rankings in search engines is to work on the keyword density of a specific page, exactly what SEO Analyzer TCS module for Drupal currently in version 7.


This module provides a rich user experience to insert AGLS metadata into Drupal contents via the Metatag module.

OpenTags empowers your content creators to easily and intuitively specify metadata tags when creating or updating content. OpenTags supports:

No Index

Will tell search engines not to index a site

Use Cases

  • Development sites
  • Internal/Team focused sites


This module blocks (well-behaved) search engine robots from crawling, indexing, or archiving your site by setting a "X-Robots-Tag: noindex,nofollow,noarchive" HTTP header.

Enable the module to block search engine robots. Disable the module to let them crawl your site.


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