Google Standout Tag



If your news organisation breaks a big story, or publishes an extraordinary work of journalism, you can indicate this by using the standout tag. When determining whether to use this tag for your own article, consider whether that article meets the following criteria:

Linkchecker summary mail

This module adds options to send periodic emails about what links are broken on your site.

It uses the awesome Link Checker module to do the heavy lifting, and only sends reports based on this.

Pager Tokens

This simple module provides tokens for Canonical URL([current-page:url:with-current-page-number]), Previous page URL([current-page:url:with-previous-page-number]) and Next page URL([current-page:url:with-next-page-number]) in accordance with It will work only with ?page parameter that has integer value, it means if you use views then Pager ID should be equal 0 (by default).
Metatags will look like:

Language neutral aliases

Make URL aliases language independent.


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