Metatag JSONLD

This is a sandbox module for adding a JSON-LD field to the Metatags module.

Menu Breadcrumb with Attachment by Taxonomy

example of deep-linked page on menu

This module was under development during the period we were all waiting for a D8 implementation of Menu Breadcrumb. I wrote this to implement the same behaviour, but while working on a second module to breadcrumb articles by taxonomy (for the common Blog use case) I realised:

  • The simplest way to breadcrumb taxonomy members, as in the case of multiple Blogs, is with a breadcrumb trail which continues from the Blog page's own breadcrumbs.

Imagefield default alt and title

This module adds alts and titles for images to where they are not, taking them out of the title material. This is useful when you have no desire to prescribe alts & titles for images. You can also opt for what type of material to use these settings.

JSON Structured Data

This module allows you to add J-SON Structured Data script per content type to improve how Google can display your content. The module allows the use of tokens in the script.

See Google's documentation on Structured Data

Metatag user role

Adds ability to Metatag module to manage via UI default metatags per role of a user's profile being viewed (not the current user).

Note: Module depends on this patch for Metatag module to avoid dirty hacks.

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