Panels Page Title

This module provides a panels pane to display the page title and set the title meta tag. Allows for setting class and ID in the title tag and also allows for Panels context keyword substitutions.

Binet Perelink

update content language

Update content language

This module is used to update the language Selected content.

Metatag Access

Provides permissions to restrict administration access to single metatag tags.

Email UTM

Automatically adds utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term and utm_content query parameters to every URL in an email.

A UTM query parameters enable Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you.


This modules requires hook_mailkeys from Mail Editor to be implemented in modules. Example:



This project will extend the metatag plugins to allow new tags to be added through config, and hopefully with a view to CMS managed tags.

NOTE: This project will not work without this patch to the metatag module -


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