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StoriedMaps enhances the Debut Location feature to provide community mapping functionality.

It is most easily used as part of the complete StoriedMaps install available on GitHub, which customizes the Open Outreach distribution to make it easy to create a rich, community-focused map.

  • StoriedMap Core extends the location content type adding new fields and enhanced Panels displays.
  • StoriedMaps Story add a new story content type that enable the linking of place-based stories, images and videos to specific locations.
  • StoriedMaps Icon provides functionality to highlight the icon sets used on a map and enhanced displays for these icons and their taxonomy terms.


Apps Compatible
Conditional Fields
Debut Location
Entity API
Entity reference
File entity
Masonry (7.x-1.x branch)

Other notes:

To use the Masonry display you'll also need to the Masonry Library.
To use the pre-configured Panels layouts, you'll need to use one of the AdapativeThemes that ships with Open Outreach (Outreach, Sky, Mix and Match or AT Commerce.)

Developed by Chocolate Lily. Initial development sponsored by University of Victoria Department of Geography.

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