Provides an API for integrating the jQuery Masonry plugin with Drupal.


Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall.

As this is an API module, you will likely want to download some of the sub-modules below that implement this API to provide Masonry functionality to various parts of your site.
Additionally, no styling is provided by this API module or any of the sub-modules. You will need to add your own CSS as described here.


jQuery Compatibility

The Masonry plugin requires jQuery v1.6 or greater.
As Drupal 7 only ships with jQuery v1.4.4, you'll need to upgrade jQuery to a later version. You can do this by installing one of the following modules:

Required Modules


  1. Download and enable the required modules listed above
  2. Update jQuery (see 'jQuery Compatibility' above)
  3. Download the Masonry plugin :
    • v2 with branch 2.x. Rename the file to be located at : /sites/.../libraries/masonry/jquery.masonry.min.js
    • v3 with branch 3.x. Rename the file to be located at :
  4. Branch 3.x only: you need to create a directory for imagesloaded in the libraries directory and then download the imagesloaded library from Rename it to be located at :
  5. Download and enable Masonry API (and optionally any sub-modules, see above)
  6. Check /admin/reports/status to ensure the Masonry plugin was properly detected
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