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Open Outreach is a quick and inexpensive way for nonprofits and community organizations to get up and running using Drupal with the web tools they need for effective public engagement.

It includes the latest version of Drupal core and other modules and comes preconfigured with features frequently used by organizations such as events calendars, image and video handling, social media integration, and contact management. If you're a nonprofit having a website built for you, or if you're building a website for a nonprofit, starting with Open Outreach can save you thousands of dollars in development costs as well as a lot of time and work.

Open Outreach is produced by Chocolate Lily in partnership with Praxis Labs Coop. Chocolate Lily provides support and Open Outreach site development.

Try it out

Open Outreach partner Praxis Labs Coop provides fully hosted and supported Open Outreach sites at with an easy to use one-click installer and a free 30 day trial.

You can also install and try out Open Outreach (for 30 minutes only) at

Several other companies offer specialized Open Outreach hosting; see the Open Outreach hosting page.


See for documentation, including step by step tutorials on how to install and use Open Outreach.


Using Open Outreach for your site? We encourage you to join as a member. Registration is simple and free and will connect you to all things Open Outreach.


The most common sources of install errors are lack of available PHP memory and/or low PHP maximum execution time. We recommend the following values:

memory_limit: 128M
max_execution_time: 120

Debut features

Open Outreach features are developed as part of the Debut features set. See the Debut page for a list of the currently available features. Please file issues related to Open Outreach functionality on the individual Debut projects.

Open Outreach sites

Here are some sites built on Open Outreach. Contact us to have your site added.

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