Debut Location is a Debut Feature module for displaying Location content types on an OpenLayers map and in a list. Sample uses for Debut Location include:

  • A community mapping project identifying places with custom icons along the lines of the Green Map System.
  • Mapping any point-type feature that includes different types, such as classes of organizations, cultural locations, or environmental features.

Part of the Debut features set, Debut Location provides a location content type and related taxonomy and map displays that can be used to create maps with custom icons. As well as basic location mapping, Debut Location is well suited to mapping projects that include classifying locations with custom markers. A enhanced sidebar map legend includes icons for each location type and a collapsible tree menu to facilitate use with large sets of location types.

Like all Debut features, Debut Location can be integrated either as a stand-alone feature to quickly add mapping functionality to any Drupal site or as part of a Drupal distribution. Debut Location is a candidate for inclusion in the Open Outreach Drupal distribution aimed at nonprofits.


  • Location content type with accompanying image field and address field using the Address field module. The geographic location is automatically determined from address information.
  • Location type vocabulary with accompanying image field. Images attached to location type terms will be used as map icons.
  • Map view presenting an interactive OpenLayers map and a sidebar legend that can be used to filter the items on the map.
  • Location region vocabulary for mapping a regional extent.
  • User permissions.



Using Debut Location

  • Set up location types. To classify your locations by type, start by selecting icons to use. You might wish to use a free map icon set like this one. Log into your site as an administrator and add new Location type terms at Administer > Structure > Taxonomy, selecting an icon to go with each. You can use the Bulk media upload module to mass upload icons.
  • Add locations. At Create content > Location, add a location, entering an address so that it will be placed on the map.
  • View the map. Navigate to the path location-map to view the resulting map. You might want to add a menu link to this path for easy access.

Similar and related projects

  • Cartaro is a web mapping platform Drupal distribution integrating map serving tools including PostGIS and GeoServer.
  • Enterprise Location is a feature providing basic location mapping using a Google Maps interface and integrating with the Open Enterprise distribution.
  • OpenLayers Locator is a mapping feature focused on locating places like stores, ATMs, or members.

See also the comparison of Drupal geospatial modules and the Drupal location and mapping group.

Improvements to this module including taxonomy-based functionality were sponsored by the University of Victoria Geography Department.

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